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P-Square - Get Squared

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"Get Squared"

Hook Hit (4x) Now get squared!
Party people, Yeah! P,p,p, p-square,
P-square We're back again
But this time (2x), see We take
it to the left, to the right To
front, from the back (5x) Everybody
get squared (get squared) Get
squared (let's get squared)


Verse 1:
We don come back again
With a brand new style (okay)
The one you won't forget Uuh! no kain
E depends on the way you dey move
Don't stop get in the mood
Cos the way you dey move And the
things you dey do Dey make me go
uuh! uuh! It's alright Come
on every body, yeah, yeah When
you take it to the left We can do
this our way It's ok, we going
to have a party So when you take
it to the left And you take it to
the right This is what we do, oh,


Let me see you all do that
dance Do that dance uh! Do that
dance, do that dance uh! Let's
do that dance, do that dance uh
Do that dance, do that dance.
Get squared!

Verse 2:
Now throw your hands in
the air Wave it like you just don't
care Can I get a witness, ei! I
say you like that Cos, when we
dey for town We dey rock everywhere
Everybody step to this Some dey
ask, wetin be this, I say


Verse: ( P Square)
When I hit da flow Chicks,
the show P-squared, see us, we
are about to blow The reason why
we are still in this game Two brothers
going further, we are still the
same For those of us who are new
in this game When you see them,
P-square don dey kolo Clap your
hands when you see P-square And
tell your friends they are getting
squared Cos, we call it square
dancing No need for romancing
Jump and keep bouncing Hip and
keep popping Anytime you see
do that dance Let me see you all
do that dance I say


Every body get squared -get
Get squared.lets get squared(2x)

(Chorus 4x) Every body get squared!

This song is from the album "Get Squared"

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