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Boogey - The Arrogance ft Ray-X

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"The Arrogance ft Ray-X"

Verse: (Ray-X)
I do hope y'all really ready
I pack heat I 2 pac heat- Macaveli
Rhymes eliminate- illuminate- ill bliss
Getting the fake ones confused that's what it is
I might have been gone but still I do it big
My warri goons pull out they guns and do it big
N leave u dead on tha floor
If you claim you 2 pac- level
You messing with a b-side devil
Bros chill bros chill nor dey form level
These boys here yawa dem nor dey fit settle
This where the super-lyrical
you been looking for at
And radically re-expanding my hustle
Where I be at you gon' dodge
My word play like gunplay or react to that?
It's useless, like a runway model who be getting fat
The fact of the matter is you Torres
No matter your skill you don't score
If rap was a game then what we playing for?
I win every time your girl thinks you a bore!
Merciless machinery cutting down any foolery
Dismember your members, December to January
This something like an obituary
I'm something like a merciless midnight burglary

Verse: (Boogey)
Put my foot upside the head of Einstein as I kick knowledge
I'm Chris Wallace
Stuck in this body of mixed colours
Your chick calling
for dick prolly
She'll sit on it
She always on top of the situation
But this one is a big problem
Shove the king from his high horse
And tell him, your kingdom is mine, boss
Clip your wings if you try soaring
Into the sky, thinking you flying north
Tryna flee from the sting of a white scorpion
You Blink and you die
I'm quicker than a mixture of
Quickdraw Mcgraw and Sonic
I wish y'all would call it frontin'
Last warning /I'm transforming
Dodging silver bullets
Hotter than chilli but I'm chilly
Cos I'm still the coolest, Get it?
As for estimating me, they always under that Anybody tryna take my light
I make the thunder clap
They wanna see me fall
these niggas are lumberjacks
Then I finish 'em off with a couple combo raps
E-Honda smack, Hundred slaps
Now you on your back
That Pee on your pants
Or should I ask John the Baptist?
Was running outta time so I spun it backwards
Till I broke its hands I was like I'm sorry that hurts, Eliminate your Senseis
My kung fu's way strong
Tiger stance Bam! Bam! 1,2 they gone.

This song is from the album "Art-ificial Intelligence"

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