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Boogey - I Killed Em'

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"I Killed Em'"

Fellowship of the rings
And they asking for who the lord is
Vigo Mortensen
leaving 'em in the morgue in rigor mortis
with a gorgeous smile
Fighting Goliath, such an enormous size
I kill him with secret weapons hidden in my recorded files
Parts disorganised
and every organ iced
Left in the corner before the coroner arrives
You never seen a sorer sight
Brought a Brontosaurus to a Tyrannosaurus fight
You gangsters stuck in tweet jail for starting a
war on Skype?
Bunch of thugs on the internet
lacking the intellect
But they need it to be the leaders
I need 'em to be deleted
From rapping entirely Just pack and retire B
I attack em with fire
You see the ash in the sky
and they be the last of a dying breed
I'm blasting 'em high as weed
Kush for the celebration
of youth and its elevation
I'm pushing the generation
And boosting the energy
If you hearing me you feeling terribly
For the rappers imma kill
And you probably gonna shed a tear
And grieve I'm Achilles and Hercules
Sipping the blood of Heracles,
Hearing these cries for help
Where's your league you Michael Phelps
Nigga like yourself
Wishing you had a couple Tyson belts
Know I'm the harder Mike
I done murdered a lotta mics
I'm Megamind wishing my head was made
in a larger size Skull is leaking
With all i'm speaking
So they call a priest to haul the demons
from my head to my dick, hoping that they dissolve
in semen I'm Paul before Damascus
That's Saul to all the rappers
If the priest fails, imma advice you all to call a
pastor But F you and F your religious extremism
and your mentality closed as your reasoning
Left in prison I'm open minded and searching for
answers I have to find
You passing time killing hip hop
then I've got an axe to grind
***hip hop, they killing it***
Leave you stiff as a statue
I know you wish I don't catch you
I'm fucking swift ,imma pass you
Attack you
For sleeping on me A bunch of niggas in castles
Tasty dish imma have you for lunch
If you slow rappers is any quicker
You fast food /Cannibal lectures from Hannibal
Lecter I remove your limbs from them hinges and
sockets, a mechanical expert
Bought the talent with
gold I stole from a leprechaun
Mama told me give it back I hope you know that I
kept it, mom
I'm a Decepticon
Blowing up before they detect the bomb
I detonate a second one the minute the detective
comes /
***Brain I killed em***
I'm Jason without the mask
I'm taking 'em out ,they're trash
I'm dangerous to the people
My place is in Alcatraz
I'm an alien saucer from space that's about to
crash I'm the stack of hay
You set ablaze in a house of wax
Verses leaving your favourite rapper stuck in rigor mortis
But listeners don't listen They only fucking with
the chorus
Boogey be rapping like he wrote his stuff with a
They spitting with autotune so they suck at their
All those dudes rapping
With that auto tune wacker
Than that Nollywood actor's
Recorded tune smash hit
Smash it to pieces on the set of a Van Vicker film No dissing but the art of music
demands sicker skill
Do this around the clock and the second hand ticking till
I'm dead and gone
Eliminating the wannabes when all is said and done
Anybody who be coming to battle a monster with a
Beretta gun better know that I'm atomic and
ticking to blow so they better run /Chasing 'em
into a place
if it's darker than space
I'm erasing the trace
of a nigga disgracing the rap
on a track if he wacker than all of em actors
who rapping the crap
out the shit that we practice
I'm laughing my ass off
Attacking the last of the living and getting my NASA on I'm blasting off CUT

This song is from the album "Art-ificial Intelligence"

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