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Boogey - As We Begin ft Griot & Mo'Fame

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"As We Begin ft Griot & Mo'Fame"

Verse: (Griot)
I pen them down, in details,
The thoughts of my dome
I'm painting pictures of life
From the city of bronze Great city
Lived elites since the days of the old
You must have heard of Ogisos
The stories of Obas
Now its Griot trying to get known
Being a rapper I do this for BENGAZI
And my people stuck in Libya
About to cross the seas
I pray to God to guide ya
I was honing my skills
When you was trying to get away
My candles were always lit
Reading to get a degree
I did mix with different colours
But I did not blend in
It's always hard to leave if u ever get in
I've got a mind of my own
So I'm taking a lead and since I took out Instrumentals to air out my stress
Many are asking for more materials to tailor my success

Verse: (Boogey)
On your mark set Ready to go
I'm starting with large steps
Mind set, I'll get farther than 'em cars get
Scarred flesh telling stories of my past travels
to the future cos when you ahead they back stab
you Easily imprison me
Swallow the keys and leave
On my knees I plead
Let me go or else imma release a beast
And you be deceased by the monster that you
created I don't recognise myself
I can't believe that Boogey's David
What the fuck have you been taking?
Interrogating myself Man I've taken…
too long stuck in here
I'm waiting for help on the outside is fame
The fairest maidens and wealth
Father save me! Do heavenly parents break into
cells? As I begin a run for it
I become Forest Gump or another Gebrselassie
You get the picture if know something about races
and athletes Got me Lacing my black sneaks
All em haters come at me as I begin

Verse: (Mo'Fame)
Let the story begin
The boy is moving on to the friends and haters
Who don't wanna see me on
I'm feeling like Pac
And yet it's my genesis
The new revelation my past is your nemesis
That's real talk cos I'm here to stay
I'm sorry if I broke your heart
That's how its gon' stay
I keep telling God to give me what I wish for
But it won't come if I only wish for it
So I took the bold step
And I hustle hard now
I'm on top, knock me down,
That's hard and yeah I know first cut
For sure is the deepest
So I prefer to be poor and later be the richest
If you my homie you should know how to watch my back cos I do the same for you
Through the light and dark
So hold my hand let's be on this journey
Together, me quitting the hustle, that's for never

This song is from the album "Art-ificial Intelligence"

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