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Boogey - Judge Me ft Damiola

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"Judge Me ft Damiola"

Chorus: (Damiola)
If you judge me before you know you won't find..
The different many stories between my lines
No time to rewind
Make you use your mind
The people wey know me can testify
I'm the one you wanting on your team
and on your side

I should introduce myself
These suckers claim they know me
So much they explain my story
I'm boogey the brain so blow me
aka the homie
They say is similar to shady
With the tiny voice and flow is almost
The same as Cory? Wannabes jea…
Wait a second, I'm having lunch
As I'm writing this
Gimme a moment while I wipe off this stain
of ogi, Wannabes jealous
when the people praise and flatter you
They Jump on twitter thinking of witty ways to
slander you Half of 'em tried rap
and they failed
Bloggers probably never replied half of their mails
They're frustrated Fuck haters
I tell 'em I must make it
I Got on that bus, made the trip to Lagos
just to spit for paper
Abj's Flymusic kept me on the ground
It seems that I have made some slightly
major steps beyond their wildest dreams
And Giant Beats Studios,I still hold a
grudge Nigga made promises but broke 'em all
When his phone would buzz
Picture me redialling every time
the tone goes off and put that photo up
as the cover of my next single
or use another showing I covered major trek distance so these stupid wannabe critics
can get the picture


What woulda happened
if my mama didn't raise me better?
I would hit the streets and raise Berettas
just to raise some cheddar
What woulda happened if my family was balling
rich and didn't lose all of it?
Papa would be playing politics
I woulda drowned in that money
I woulda squandered it
but being close to poverty pushed me to get
the scholarship
I studied and I got that shit
My intelligence attracts a bunch of chicks
The rest is the anaconda dick
It don't matter if you come hard, Boogey
You still wanna be a rapper
then u gon' starve, Boogey
Fair weather friends
and the other ones are groupies
Price to pay for spitting shit deeper
than porn star pussy
I entered IJ a year after 95 Many years later was Uni finished in 2009
A parent usually would say
"every male child of mine gotta graduate
get a 9 to 5 and find a wife"
But mine were different
They knew I was different So winning awards
is a gift that I gotta give to them
1% of my story now you know something about him Sorry, I gotta save some for the album.

This song is from the album "Art-ificial Intelligence"

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