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Boogey - You & You

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"You & You"

All the ladies get in line
They say you never forget your 1st time
but for the very 1st time, I'm forgetting mine
(Aw shit)So many times, met a dime
Who was destined to be added to my ex-list
Sex with Her/ exit
Now figure out who the next is
(Move move)
No gold diggers Don't want my pockets
getting anorexic I know a chick with an ass
like a whole planet/ Saying don't grab it
Oh damn it! It's an old habit(Oops)
I know a chick who really sexy in a bikini
Now u see the top Now u don't I'm boogey
Houdini(Phew)I know a chick with a rack
like Saddam I'm playing breast feeding baby
she could act like the mom (haha)
The consequences of being a flirt haunt me
Hurts, taunts me That all of the skirts
want me Come get some) I'm just kidding
I love it when u touch it and rub it
But I ain't giving u no ring unless u a hobbit

I told Santa what I wanted
the moment I saw you And he said
You can have 'em all the women are for you
(Thank you) So now I'm taking off the gift wrap
Lift that skirt, let me hit, that Kit kat
Now my thick cap's where your lips at
Oops this is radio Wait, I didn't curse
I was just implying fellatio (Oh)Wait
I know a girl who's terrified of my ding dong
Eyes wide open, mouth open like that thing's long But nothing's wrong (Uh)
We cud work it out Going in Jerking out
I ain't gon hurt you now So bring a couple
of your besties, Could be lesbies
And let me decide which one of em
Got the best D's I'm just playing
It ain't all about the size
But where beauty lies
Yeah I'm talking all about the eyes
(Yeah)Some of the women chase me like
handing over batons On to the next one
Done with the ex one, I'm gon, (Zoom!)

This song is from the album "Art-ificial Intelligence"

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