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Boogey - Listen

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I speak the verses like a preacher
with a bible And Hip hop a religion
I'm a teacher and disciple
Life over here is harder than just breathing
for survival and the youth aint getting jobs
So they reaching for the rifles
I believe in God that's the reason that
my idols ain't being worshiped but got me
believing I could try to be an example
of success even against the odds
Give back to community, same as saying
thanks to God I'm not a man. I'm the truth.
I'm personified Been through a lotta shit but
I look to the sunny side, twenty-five
tryna climb up the fucking ladder telling em
I got the gift of spitting but it doesn't matter Because they never (Listen)

I'm the voice of the young, black, calvary
fighting to open eyes of the ones that
cannot see, it's an era of conflict
and bomb blast casualties
Give em' the sound of music like Von Trapp
family, Major skills but majority will never (listen)
I'm bringing back the classic getting niggas reminiscent The kids emulating what they see
on television and nobody missing reality
even when it's missing The youth runaway
from truth to Convenience
Industry is tryna give my booth to comedians
Can be anything if introduced to the media
Actors rapping but the fame is used as a medium
good luck, break a leg like u get disabled
The movie industry turning into a record label
Imma educate you with rhythm and save your neck
If you thinking that hanging 'em
pretty headphones on your neck will save you
Get your hustle on but don't you be expecting favours They might not let you eat
even if you set the table You have to go
Grab a hoe, axe and bow/ get your food
If they won't help you get it, gotta act alone

This song is from the album "Art-ificial Intelligence"

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