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Boogey - The Power

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"The Power"

This was originally meant to be a mass warning
to homies who claiming amazing, only rap corny
Best player sitting on the bench, a nigga ass warming
Take 'em out the game strapped to a backboard
and imma ball to the death
Alley oop coming off a backboard in
side of a black coffin
I'm that awesome, Never mess with these abilities
of mine or you get a disability your spine
is gonna be needing a backboard Yeah I said it
before but you never believe shit unless
you read it on blogs
The meek shall inherit the earth
so if you crazy as I am
I gotta tell ya that heaven is yours
Wait a minute, are you following the pace?
Rocket power big enough to send Apollo into
space on another voyage, I'm just walking,
see you running, boy Boogey's incredible
He's starting to become annoying
Always getting head Such a lover boy
No, not the groin When I toss a coin Losing is
the greatest sin that I must avoid
Imma beat 'em all I ain't never ever gonna join

No one man should have all that
I said no one man should have all that
The lil dude that be making giants fall flat
And If I ever pass imma get the ball back

Slam In your face
I'm Durant in the paint If you understand
then I get a standing ovation
Flow made Pac and Biggie dance in their graves
Stevie Wonder stole a glance through his shades
Blind eye witness to a man who was slain
but every single story told has got a triangular
shape, Was dying to be heard till an ambulance
came Happy to be a man that Emmanuel saved
You only live once, Tell a pussy cat
Heartbeat to accapellas boogey raps
Lyrical on mics when he brought back rap for us
Miracle of Christ when he brought back Lazarus
"You the dude on illegal music 2 Dude, can we
please have an interview with you?"
That's the cocky me And you will not believe
Industry got more cliques than photography
Little puppies are barking the loudest
I ain't buying but I been in the market
for hours I target you cowards
X marking the spot
Cock back and the next part is the shot(POW! -er)

This song is from the album "Art-ificial Intelligence"

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