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Boogey - Picasso ft Jane Sam

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"Picasso ft Jane Sam"

Verse: (Boogey)
I only write what I feel
I hope you feel what I write
I ain't really conscious of the track
being killed or alive but it happens
A rapping assassin born of the passion
Was it a gat or a stab and that's what the
coroner's asking Ok No more of the bragging
Simple kid from a humble home
Shock em when he gets up on the throne
Crown upon his dome, hunger's grown
Opportunity's like a horny family man who
picked up a prostitute, It just comes and goes
I up and go for the prize and I seize it
My future bright Ask Stevie Wonder
be surprised that he sees it Not as clever as
Solomon but I'm wiser than Caesar
Witness the rise of a phoenix out of the mind
of a genius Messiah since the size of a foetus
but I ain't tryna be Jesus, I ain't ready
to give my life for the heathen,
Broken promises, your dreams get sliced
with the pieces, Life is a gamble I can win
I throw the dice and believe it
I see the masters turn obedient as dogs
when the up and comers run and turn to media
and blogs to design their destinies and
their celebrity life while they living la vida
loca but integrity dies Funny how they project
the money power respect Married to the music
asking me honey how is the sex?
I'm F'ing with that food for the souls
who listen, Was aiming for the stars
but I'm too good for the solar system
so I missed em/

Chorus: (Jane Sam)
I'm a painter of my destiny
I alone can see the image clearly

Verse: (Boogey)
Yeah I missed em but I hit a better target
that they said is hardest
A height of reasoning unreachable by the best
of artists, You gotta set your niche apart from
the rest and carve it This is what they say
but my favorite rappers are effing starving
Chasing fame and fortune is such a compelling
route But when a nigga be selling out
they say he selling out I tell 'em now
being good enough ain't good enough
If Niggas be given you thumbs up but never
put em up They be feeling you deep down
and you know that it's made up
When you moving they keep frowning and posing
as haters I'm writing this particular verse
in bed And So if you sleeping on me you gon
have my words embedded, In your hippocampus
I'm painting pictures that cud give em answers
To every question that people left out the pics
are asking Life is my pallet I'm Picasso
with a bigger canvas, I be at the top
and never fall off like some itching dandruff

This song is from the album "Art-ificial Intelligence"

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