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Boogey - Champion

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Yeah, my mama told me from the start
No competition If any, it was over from start
Stay at the top I wanna be floating
on the charts, If that ship sails
Imma ask Noah for his ark
I know I don't really fit in the party scene
but I'm hardly seen ever not winning
I'm Charlie Sheen

I'll take the gold
you can keep the silver and bronze
I'm far ahead of niggas don't know why they
still wanna run, Inspirational race
I swoosh past 'em, Wanna write deep, you better
hurry, smoke that kush faster Puff good
pass it, Hours later dudes crashing
How I stay high is something you should ask me
cos I seen highs and lows but I just know
I'll see d former right before my eyes will close
and then I'll die with smile and pose
for a poster saying he said F the rules life
imposed Bed made from the petals of the finest
roses but hidden under were spikes and broken
glasses and so you risk hurting your ass
when u get F'd and it's a chick jerking you fast
Watchu mean, I knew from the beginning
Destiny written even if the book could be
reprinted Never lost control or focus except
that 1 time I got so drunk I threw up in the
kitchen, I grew up with a vision of success
The hard times part time Just an intermission
so what's next?
You offended I'm a Champion still?
I am being real, If you agitated, just take a
Valium pill, If you can afford the hate
then buy as you can, If you can't,
go back to that diazepam or die as a man
who lived as a sore loser Back-stabbing
but still broke You poor Judas Poor booze
for who we lost Irreplaceable no matter what
the jewelry cost It'll never shine bright as
the flame that death quenched
Hoping that they return Waiting on that wet
bench Time to get up and finish the marathon
Sure you can make it 1st to the finish?
An hour's gone, My time has come, They ain't
gettin closer than I am You only hear em cos
they hittin louder drums, They say most can't
relate to my clever writtens, Dumb it down and they'll love you, definitely, I want greatness
I want the awards, so F what you say cos
If I ever give in, I'll never win em,
I feel like hip hop abandoned a son
Left on the steps of a church and picked up
by the hands of a nun, Came of age
and he searched the whole land for his mum
He knows the ropes so he never getting strangled with one Survivor 1st place or die
I'm surviving In the jungle with the lions and tigers

This song is from the album "Art-ificial Intelligence"

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