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Dagrin - Everyday

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Everyday! Uh! Please help me
Lord. Sossick. You got something
to say. Everyday! Everyday hustling
and bustling. Hard knock
life. Yeah!

[Verse 1]
Everyday ni mo n ji. Everyday
ni mo n sun. Everyday ni opon nsun,
a n saye a de n je asun. Everyday
ni mo wa pelu Sossick ninu studio.
Every time ni awon DJ show mi love
lori radio. Everyday ni mo gbowo,
everyday ni mo n na naira. Every
time inu mi dun, sometimes ni
mo de ma para. Every time ni mo
n dara. Every time ni mo shanu fun
atoro bara. Mo gbadura ni yara.
Mo npe Jesu kara kara.

Mercy, mercy me. Yeah. Up and
down. Smile and frown. Make
the world go round. You got to
hold on, stay strong. Yeah. Everyday!
So we hustle hustle. Burn the
paper. See you later. We get down.

[Verse 2]
Yeah. Here we go. Hard knock life.
35 years old, o si n hustle
fun wife. Everyday ni ma n fight
fun freedom. Bi mo se n fight,
mo apply wisdom. Everyday ni
mo n hustle, mo bubble. Every time
ni olopa n wa mi kiri tori trouble.
Get locked up but hustle stay

[Ejay ad-libs]
See everyday I got to hustle for
the money. To be a man, s’ori
not funny. Much love for my brothers
in the hood. I know it’s not
that easy. We all in pain in this
situation. Got to go on living.
Hoping we see elevation. So we
got to stop beefing.


Everyday! We get down. Everyday!
Wow! Everyday!

This song is from the album "C.E.O"

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