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Dagrin - Make Doe

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"Make Doe"

Yeah. I don talk so before. Classic!
Hey! I make dough.
Stay fly. I’m fresh and you know

[Verse 1]
Emi ni best sugbon e fe funmi ni
crown. Kikokan eni ta
ti gbe niyawo tan pelu gown. E
doun. Your flow is so fake
like clown. Let me teach you how
we get down. We run this
town. Fresh and aint looking
real stressed. Mo da bi omo
titun ti won se bi. Look at me.
Yes. Igbo, shayo, ashewo.
This is how we living, o le pa mi
layo (layo). Misofunyin
Entertainment emi ni CEO. Mi
o like olopa, mi sere pelu
DPO. Awon eyan wa mi kiri bi diamond.
Boy so good, so fresh
so dayanmo. Eyin lowo e le na so
ekosi. Ice on my wrist, se
you no dey see my Gucci? Temi ni
omo na ki lo mo nipa omo na.
Very silly omona, you-don’t-know-something

[Verse 2: Dark Poet]
Lets go. One million. Two million.
Three million. Five
million. This one is your million?
Other ones my million.
Drug dealers, traffickers,
touring, travelers. Get
that dough. You know we fly like
the javelin. These niggers
wobbling wobbling don’t stop.
We mano like cano. We back
full of hump. You a lil chump better
buckle up and cover
your face so you wont chop knuckle
up. Definition of the
street dream. Popping bottle
Only time you floss is when you keep
your teeth clean. And I love
the fucking ladies but, you got
to be fresh like baby’s
butt. So move to the loser’s spot
or you gon lose your spot.
Dark Poet. Dark Poet, Dagrin.
Any nigger talk shit he get
hit in the chin.

[Dagrin ad-libs]
Missofunyin Entertainment
baby. Classic tune. Sossick.

Ogun (ya’ll fresh ya’ll fly).
Benin city (ya’ll fresh
ya’ll fly). Lagos (we fresh we
fly). Abuja (we fresh we
fly). Ibadan (ya’ll fresh ya’ll
fly). PH (ya’ll fresh
ya’ll fly). Jos (ya’ll fresh
ya’ll fly) Aba (ya’ll fresh
ya’ll fly). Imo (we fresh we fly).
Oyo (ya’ll fresh ya’ll
fly). Warri (ya’ll fresh ya’ll

Make dough oh oh. K Style. Ladies
and gentlemen. Classic.

This song is from the album "C.E.O"

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