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Asher Storm - Bring The Drones Out

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Asher Storm

"Bring The Drones Out"


How the hell does the world turn round
Without Asher to make it spin
I rock out but I know that I get it in
No doubt It's my ring that you betting in
The game just erupted boy now let Ash begin
But I don't promise, I swear
I'm circling the game like Pie R Squared
I'm the remedy that steady
Keeping you energetic
You can't feel shit
Cause I spit anesthetic
I don't cut corners
So baby we gotta get straight
I'm climbing up the industry
I can't afford to Deadweight
I'm not human I'm a drone that fetish
I'm all about my XLR Megas
I've gotta go rough, Its not Like I have a choice
The kinda shit that MI does with his voice
I'm kinda off the wall like a torn out poster
The game needs a rise Windgardian Leviosa

Said What Am I like
I'm not human
So I turned the game around
So I guess it's time to
Bring the drones out........ Repeat


Audition to be real
You don't know how it feels
I guess you feel like old paint
Because you're eager to peel
I can no be starved, I'm a young athletic
Got my names on your lips like some kind of cosmetic
Call the medic, cause I'm sickly on the regular
Bitch I'm original, now tell me what the heck you are
Unborn legend but I'm kicking in the womb
Let the booth be a tomb
That's the role I assume
I'll admit
I don't attend every road show in abj
But I got more hails than independence day
I was pushed last time, I appeal today
Push cars tomorrow, make wheels today
I've gone round but the world can't size me up
Economy but the hustle can't slice me up
Here's the real deal I'll build a colony
You ain't high enough I am lyrical astronomy


This song is from the album "Bring The Drones Out Single"

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