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Asher Storm - Storyteller

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Asher Storm



A former classmate called me last week
Telling me how of proud she is
And honestly I don't know
Never spoken to her in my life
And these are the same people who said you'd be nothing
I never listened anyway
I'm gonna tell y'all a story
And I pray you listen


Listen to the tale of the oppressed, the depressed
And the little kids who had their early lives so repressed
The naked truth is always dressed
So you never get to see it
Ive been searching for the best
I never knew that I could be it
I am something like the dennis
I've been menacing
But you turn into everything you're not
Ben Tenison
Look at what you made me
This is what you made me
Everyting is routine
No if's no but's not maybe's
I'm crazy
Don't care what car you in
Tired of arguing
Let's call it 50/50
No curtis your heart is in
But I told alex and michelle this was the hardest thing
But I will face my fears and be the best regardless and
Who knew that judging yourself was really up to you?
It's hard to come down when your friends looking up to you
They said that this was simple
But I denied their words
They say that you're a hero
But they condemned you first

The truth is never clean
I know what they mean
When they say you are a StoryTeller
This is always real, You tell em how you feel
And they say you are
A storyteller
I bite hard and I know its not alright
But I don't give a middle-finger
I will find the light
Was jumping over problems
Now I'm trying to find a hideout
Flying home tonight

Once upon a rhyme
And the time, I was invisible
No one really cared
I was a victim to the principle
So they said I'm to lazy
I'm to timid, I'm too flat
I'm too childish, I'm too quiet, I'm not ready
I'm too fat
And my confidence was little
But my lyrics were atomic
I was busy being scared
Was just sitting drawing comics
Always tried to be romantic
But my tactics were refused
Now I'm getting charismatic
Leaving everyone confused
So, This is for the bullies
For the girls, for the hooligans
Everyone who said I'd never get the chance to choose again
I've been running to it and there is no fat to lose again
Say you will, and yeah you still seem to look like fools again
I've been down this road before
Don't need you to pray for me
Right now you're the ones who really need to try escaping me
Asher Storm is everything, every take, Every Bring
Improper Fraction, Asher Over Everything


Underneath the pain
Theres a passion for the game I became
Everything I aim for
No time to waste I'm just trying to find my faith
So I say, I need to pray more
I once took the blame for crimes
But I'm the dark cloud
That seems to lingers in your mind
So I promised Everyone
That I would live before I die
And Smile before I cry
That's the message don't reply


This song is from the album "Storyteller Single"

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