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Asher Storm - When Angels Fall ft Maffy

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Asher Storm

"When Angels Fall ft Maffy"


Become A Hero
Or watch the world burn...

Verse:(Asher Storm)

Listen, This is not the land that they made me in
And there's never a perfect habitat to raise me in
I seem to find a fault in everything they praised me in
The best things in life are free but they caged me in
We're living in a world beyond centuries
This is where you find out that your best friend is your enemy
Matter of Fact I'm standing in a room full Judas's
Room full of lunatics and everything is Ludacris
It don't matter who it is
You can not identify the Ash
That is burning up the game I'm electrified
So I preach, I profess my profession
The game was never fair so I'm changing complexion
Cut me up and slice a life and feed it to my ego
Who will chew it up and spit it out
It shows how much that we know
Forgive me, For not growing in within Format
My burning up everything and yet I'm still remain dormant


When Angels Fall
Their Halos Fall with them
For when you're blessed
You feel out of place
And then the world see's how to work things out
Become a Hero, or Watch the world Burn

Verse: (Asher Storm)

Listen, This is where kings are created
This is where the future is still outdated
This is where you run when your glory has faded
Where you prepare where you are anticipated
The people have waited, A leader must rise again
I've been hated, there's nothing to despise again
No love when its hatred that empowers you
All I need is 24 and I will jack bauer you
I'm not the best but I swear that I will get there
On two legs or four wheels on the next gear
Put your cards on the table cause its poker time
I don't gamble with life but I spit poker lines
Treated like a miracle but faith is test
I've been heart broken now my cardiac arrests
Word played pranks he can never be mistaken
His foundation never shaking never faking
He is blessed


Verse: (Maffy)

I thought I told you I'm a soldier in this war
And I'm gone keep on marching and marching till I fall
I see the fire burning there's a yearning in my heart
And though I'm not afraid
It is tearing me apart


This song is from the album "When Angels Fall Single"

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