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Wizkid - Turn On The Lights

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"Turn On The Lights"

Yeahh Oh Yeah

See girl I gave you my heart
Is that what you gone do with it?
You tore the shit apart
And you played a fool with it
Girl you broke you promises
You lied and you cheated
Oh girl you make me mad
With the way you played a fool with me
Oh girl you make me mad
With the things that you did to me
But the devil that you know
Is not an angel you don't know
So I will try to make this work one more time

I'll treat you like my sister
Love you like my mama
Take you all around the world
We gone fly to eat pizza
When we on our honey moon
We gone fly to Ibiza
Oh girl we'll make them mad
So girl

Oh baby turn on the lights
Yeah baby turn on the lights
Oh girl I'll be the best
You ever had in your life
Oh baby girl be my wife
Let's live a beautiful life
Oh girl I'll treat you right
Girl I swear you're my life
Say baby turn on the lights

Me and you inside my moto
Baby na me and you till the end of time
We fit marry tomorrow , Girl no one but you
Buy you the finest designer
Girl you know the koko
Omo omni fere
I swear to God mono fere gini
Rocking in my Armarni
You rocking in you Jimmy Choo
Tell the haters no stopping
Tell them na you be my boo


She's a good girl
But she's bad too
My momma want a good girl
But my girl, she's tooh bad oh , Too bad
My sexy girl, she on fire
My sexy girl, kilo desire
Say my sexy girl, you are my only desire
If dem hate, If dem hate, make dem hang for wire
Oh baby I'm getting money, I'm getting money
I cashed out, Oh baby me and you doing it
All night till we pass out
I go buy you beamer and I go treat you right
Baby bend low, pull down and let the cats out.


This song is from the album "Turn On The Lights Single"

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