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Camp Mulla - Party Don't Stop

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Camp Mulla

"Party Don't Stop"

Don't Stop...
This party don't stop...

Mhmmm.. Here we go
See I'm loving what you do to me so it's cool
Let me know
We can take it to the VIP
Because the party don't stop till 3
Meaning you're in the crib all over me
C.I.P.T.R.I.P.P.E.R and we are?
C.A.M.P to the MULLA, We blow this bazooka
It's crazy baby how I'm on you like slim to shady
So let me see your head pop
Cause this party don't stop

Cause tonight
You better bring somebody to the club
to the club
Cause tonight
We calling everybody so get up, Alright

This party don't stop
Don't stop
This party don't stop
It goes on and on

Let me give your body a job
employ a new technique
Work it rock it like a cradle
Wait a minute let me clarify
The way you maneuver I can't deny
So scream, from the top of your lungs
And maybe I'll pacify ya
Take over, my baby, it aint over, no fat lady
Navigate to the floor make your way
Dilate give me more A-okay
It ain't fair , the way you shaking
and moving it baby make them stare
Step up in the building and everybody hand go up
And they stay there...



So get your hands up
Get ready to party
On the dance floor jamming till six in the morning
So get your drinks up
Don't spill on nobody
Hit the bar, get some girls
cause the bottles we popping

But I'm a little bit too bubbly
So all the ladies look to lovely
But can't tell if they ugly
Could someone please get these girls off of me
Meet me by bar baby girl round three now
Let's go get some shots Drink up
drink up cause tonight the party don't stop

This song is from the album "Funkytown"

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