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D'banj - Why Me

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"Why Me"

no long tin!
mor hits records
its donjazzy agian
blows mouth organ)(am d'banj
or skibanj lik my jamaican friends
call me)

why me o kokolets 1 2
why me oh kokolets 1 2
You try me me oh kokolets 1 2
You try me

1 2 lets go lets go

she said she wanted to be mine
that my koko drives her wiiiiiild.
tell me why me oh
but it was a one night stand,
baby dont you undastand!
so tell me why me oh
why me oh, you try me oh, you try me,
tell me why me

I don't know hw to say this
But these girls drive me crazy
As I cruise the town with my mercedes
so she said she wona hav my baby!
First when i met her
she said kokomaster com test her
booked a date was twice maybe met her
Wanna test my skills so i let her,
yes so i let her
so sexy, so temptin, so queeny
Had to get her locked to my haaa
Mak e get a taste of my haaa
took her to d crib nw, in my drop
took her top off. tot it was a jump
started on d floor nw, to d bed nw
hands on d wall nw
droppn was d bomb nw
She wouldnt leave me aloneee,
always callinng my phonnnnne
FILE ah, she no gree

That wasnt enough,
wanted to tak me home to her mum
when I got som kokolets at the mall
I suggest u limmie alone
why me,
yes yes yes why me,
tell d truth and dnt lie to me
You said u want to get grinny
Now u wana com tie me
u dn see mugu, u dn see mugu
this doesnt feel to good, this
doesnt feel too good
I no do gimmie my space
I no want commot 4 my face
I say no, abi u dey craze
This tin don dey turn to disgrace

She wouldnt liv me alone
Always calln my phonneee
FILE ah, she no gree



sweet cindarella, look so fine
lik domitila
don't know wot am gona tell her
maybe i shuld try som accapela
lets go


This song is from the album "RunDown Funk U Up"

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