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D'banj - Mo Gbono Feli Feli

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"Mo Gbono Feli Feli"

Mogbona feli feli [eeh] x6 haaa,mo
hits records.Its
don jazzy again.Mogbona feli
feli x6.

I am hot, you are not and i’m hot
and you are not and he’s
hot and you are not and i am hot,
mogbona feli feli [haaaa]

I don’t know about you but i am
handsome. Most people
wanna hold me for ransome. See
the kokolette all up in my
mansion. Hmmmm. African Micheal
Jackson. Just to bring
me down, dem dey feel handsome.
On the stage i dey give dem
all the action. And in the room,
maximum satisfaction.
Don’t hate me now because...

Mogbona feli feli bi amala to
j’ina gangan. Don’t hate
me cos i’m hotter than you [i’m
hotter than you]

Everybody listen when i speak,
are you with me. I get
ten million in a week, are you
with me. I pull up on the club
in a truck, are you with me. And
when the people see me dem
dey talk, are you with me. Before
i’ve been dey hustle just
to chop, are you with me. And that
time nobody talk, are
you with me. Na baba God put me
on top ooh. And na you beg them,
make dem shut up ooh.


In life people will hate you.
Do anything to break you.
Don’t let nothing faze you. Even
if dem forsake you. Stand
up tall. Your enemy go fall. Don’t
fear them and believe
in yourself. Make dem no say na
you fine pass. Make you look
dem eyes and sayyyy




This song is from the album "The Entertainer"

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