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2Face Idibia - U No Holy Pass

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2Face Idibia

"U No Holy Pass"


Some people be acting like they know it all


See this type of thing wey we dey feel
Before you know you don start to dey kolo small
I no go lie with you this things for real
Some people no believe I'm on the brink of an abundant fall
It's reality and you will see that in days probably
You'll be feeling all and all
Try to visualize what I feel and then I bet that what you will see will be a picture of a landing wall
If you try to push them down, try to bend try to turn try to see wetin dey happen around
Na so dem go bring you down, before you go know
You go dey for six feet under the ground.


Some people be acting like they it all
But everybody knows people rise and fall
So rise up again just to stand up tall and wiser and stronger
But no matter how long you live
You cannot learn it all
You can only do your best because you cannot do it all
But if you want to criticize me talk small small
because you no holy pass my brother
You no holy pass my sister.


Some people when they see a wrong tin
They still complaining until the complaining will
turn into shouting
Anytime they see a wrong tin they continue shouting
Until that shouting turns to traditional shouting
When them try to correct that thing
They will start to thinking until that thinking wei depression start to set in
Make them feel like out castin
Then society them begin to because they lose them sense for belonging
But they will try to push some more try to open every door
But negativity doesn't make it certain
So when them try to stop the complaining and the shouting
They no go fit because e don be spiritual somethin.
People take advantage of them being
But Realizing that the people of the spirit love fighting
So they start to use them here , use am like machine
All the problem of relations they be dumping in them head
Safety will start to set in but when it start
Boy I know you see me making and them start to do
Almost anything , for almost all things
Cause instinctively they need surviving but the scavengers will bring them low
You will push them to the floor
To collect of them people belonging
But like a goat that has been pushed to the wall
We are already ready to start to do the fighting
So we are go run them down , run them to the ground and I go chase them outta the town
Abi we go gun them down, before dem go know dem go dey six feet under the ground.


This song is from the album "Face 2 Face"

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