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9ice - Make Dem Talk ft 2Shotz

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"Make Dem Talk ft 2Shotz"

Make dem talk
Oun ton ri lobe, ton se waru owo
Make dem talk
Kulikuli poun kan odi naira kan
Make dem talk
We want to know wasup idi ti garri se won
Make dem talk

[Verse 1:]
My brother which kind nonsense be this
The name Nigeria self dey backfire
You no fit get common gari for five naira
For poor man to chop now menhn omo I tire
For junction na so, so sandi police dey collect
Agbero don take style leave picking pocket
Na so dem eye balls go deh shine for dem socket
And if you no drop egunje for dem na heavy racket
Oya my friend pack your car quick, quick
Wey your license or your twenty naira roja
I no deh send you if your papa na ex-soja
Na my salary government dey use
Dey grease dem shoulder
Na so I drop money for ten more policemen
Before I count ten, I drop everything
I earn even the small salary wey I get
from Tribesmen
Na only God go punish all of dem


[Verse 2:]
Me and 2shot we wanna settle scores
No need to rush all ye senators
Egunje collectors, men in black against us
Of course we gat the guts to burst
Soja go, soja come
Turn by turn won so doye idile
Keran maje'le lasan lafi sole
Our economy be like comedy
Talent dey waste, no remedy
See dem big belle, dem call am prosperity
Bad man plenty pass ina we society
49 sitting, 99 standing pack us like sanding,
Ye, ye, yehi yeh


[Verse 3:]
Second hand goods plenty now like pure water
For oversea Naija be the gutter
Lagos state don full with plenty omota
See everywhere not one aje butter
Everybody na sharp man, no slacking
This man dey give the next man close marking
Hijacking money na solo runs now
Na which level dis economy dey
go, I bow
Serious issues go dey lie inside coffin
If dem discuss am, na very often
No gocking umunamu talking
Coded tunes, 9ice and I run things


[Verse 4:]
Make dem talk how is being run
Seka koju ibon si rawa ni oti lo
Ije teje tete emaje dagunro
Don't be offended if your name is on the roll
Kayin mu, kasufe, ikan loma gbele
Nigeria must be great, loju olo'te
Bawo lase mase, eja ka sowo po
Ka le olote kafi'mo sokan
Hausa to Igbo to Yoruba, hey!
Kafi'mo sokan


This song is from the album "Certificate"

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