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9ice - Talent Dey Waste

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"Talent Dey Waste"

[Verse 1:]
Black has some scores to settle with poverty
You and I know
The origin, Genesis of this tendency
Growing to become tragedy
Join with event of piracy
Hurting we courtesy of bad economy
Do you wanna be a musician
Can you face the challenges
Do you wanna sound like Wyclef
And you cant sound like me Mase terisi
Bad things will be bygone for surely
If we trend of the right channel
Many lost talents will be regain
back if we encourage the young ones coming

Talent Deh waste we can smell
the trace
The rate is getting low, cuz some
are filling the space
Don't be in haste my guy one day
your time will surely come
If you don't believe what am saying
Check your hood then you will
know what its at stake

[Verse 2:]
Tunji was a good footballer
To ri wipe kolese lomo se lo di baba
Lori field bayi omo na kanu
Sugbon ni sinyi omo tilo gbakamu
Bobo kan mowe ni school wa ama'npe ni papa
Toripe awon parent e lowo ni o je ko further
To ba je ti mathematics, papa na master
Sugbon ni sinyii omo na yahoo, yahoo lori computer
These days everybody wants to be artiste
I'm a rapper yapa si town
they wants to be like fifty (50cents)
Omo mehn kila ti mase yisi few mics
But mc's too plenty Go see them for back stage dem
go deh beg organizers just to climb stage
See as talent dey waste
Obe toti se, to ti jina nikan lon nma appreciate


[Verse 3:]
Talent deh waste poverty the
son of lucifer is the number
one reason
Talent deh waste piracy hand work
of man which is treason
Talent deh waste no record deal,
hardship, hardship increasing
What makes me wanna bless the beat
Is when i remember how daddy showkey made it
What makes me wanna continue holding the mic
Is the spirit in me that says 9ice you can do it
I can do it,
If you believe in it


This song is from the album "Certificate"

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