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9ice - Kinda Life

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"Kinda Life"

Sho ye e ni tire
Cos o ye mi ni temi
And me I like the kind life
Wey I dey live now
I too enjoy am

I like the kind life wey I dey live
now (x4)

[Verse 1:]
Check your calendar
what you see is some numbers
365 days make a year
52 weeks
I'm meant to survive
Mummy keep on telling me
Ko ma s'ebi mi kan to ko yin
Daddy jowo so fun mi
tewe tewe o ba se ori
Omo j'omo lo l'Adigun
Mo koja omo eniyan t'a n peri
B'aba r'erin, ka so pe a r'erin
Ajanaku koja
Mo ri nkan fi wi
Isesi, imisi
Olorun lo wun mi
Who wan stop me, I never see
T'a ba ju ada soke ni gbangba
bee ni
Ibi pelebe lo ma fi le le
same ni


[Verse 2:]
I can remember vividly
when I went to my brother to collect change
All he told me was 9ice, be who you wanna be
copy nobody and respect your family
Daddy, you know you always tell us
to live in harmony
Ba ri eni fehinti
Bi ole laa ri
Oju to ma bani kale
Ko ma ni f'aro se'pin
Thats why I dey hustle everyday
Just to make a living
Aye n reti, eleya mi
Nibo lo fi t'Oluwa si
Oba adakedajo
Ka bio o masi baba
So enemies give way
na my time to rule the game


[Verse 3:]
I can do anything any time I feel like
I can go to the club any day I feel like
I can do anything any time I feel like
I can go to the club any day I feel like
You don't need to cage-ise me
I know what is good for me
Looto eyin le bi mi
But my destiny will speak for me
Make a choice for me
Cos I'm born to be
Adigun alapomeji
Cos I know what will be will be
And I'm proud of who I be
Who I be

This song is from the album "Gongo Aso"

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