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9ice - Wedding Day

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"Wedding Day"

[Verse 1:]
She can’t stop calling
Her phone ring tone is in my memory
Since the first time we met
She has been like this
That’s why i treat her like a queen
She calls me a king
Like I do realize
We gonna raise a family
I can’t deny that i love her die
She be the woman of my life
Bros no be lie
I feel alright
Whenever she’s by my side
I proud to be her Mr. Right
Cos i know she gonna be my bride
I lay up
So i can watch her take a leap roll

On our wedding day
Agesu lena
Ma fiona roka
Gbo gbo awon is still dey le
This time around omo say go be
This girl na you i go marry
Ayawa ni to god be the glory
Iyawo wa ni na you i go marry
Aya wa aya wa

[Verse 2:]
I know she's the right woman for me
I believe she would be there when am in need
It is a necessary to help her achieve her dreams
She's my learning joy
Let me be the fool
As a princess she's ready to be my boo
Love watin tin
Me and my chikala na watin tin
Love watin tin
Everything skele we go gbele na bintin
Love watin tin
Dark in colour omo no be film trick
E dey do me anywhere
I dey like make she dey there together
We are meant to be forever
Ekuro lala ba ku ewa


[Verse 3:]
Tojo ife bati ro le e lori
Kelebe kelebe lomama se bi tanwinji
Ife a gba okan e so bi eni tiosinwin
Kosi ohun ti obi re ma so to ma wo e leti
You can ask fadekemi as in which level bo se ri
Akonke mi ko
She can’t stop calling me
Wakati wakati loma un pemi


This song is from the album "Gongo Aso"

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