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9ice - Bachelors Life

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"Bachelors Life"

I'm a bachelor (x4)
Apon ni mi
mi o l'aya nle
All the girls for my area
ni mo n ba shere
I'm a bachelor (x4)

[Verse 1:]
What what bachelor
When I'm in between 'em thigh, bachelor
Yeah, now I think I understand why she likes me
Cos I got it locked down in my wife eyefix
Now we're in my bedroom, listening to why me
When I'm trying to tell her that
She was looking by me
See baby, thats why you can't drive me
I'm ghetto gangster, gotta try me
But that na me man, baby na so we be man
Even if I never marry
so many men dey like me man
They all rush me, they wan brush me
But when its over they say they don't trust me
These girls, these girls
I don't know where they from
But they be all over my balls like Jerry and Tom
Even when I'm in the club, and
I'm sipping 'em rum
I just take it straight loud like
They ready to come
Meanwhile I stay calm and just jawonsi
Having promise me the skirts, ma ba won shi
When I take them on the floor
Level like ground zero
Flash my balls before I bone them like hero
Y'all know who I be, all to the EMI
And I, spread it right for you baby
When I see your pants move down south like a trailer
Then I f-- like a ball in the hand of Serena


[Verse 2:]
I'm a ladies man
mo somo more with a baby face
Don't have to waste no time
Gotta be straight away
It would take you days my guy for you
To understand the basics like 9ice
Osomo yanju ni mo she si
I wouldnt get far
If not for the looks, and the cash,
The endorsements, my deal and a car
I doubt if I'll trade this life
four years, I do with it
I'm sure guys go holler say guy
ol boy you foolish
I say girl now why the rush
I confess I had a crush
In your best friend but that was when when
You know, Je ka ma sere lo
That was then then
But now I'm independent
You feel me brethren
At the club house ke, my eye pass every girl
Everybody had a girl
My guys no wan give me one
I met this girl
took her up, now she had me self
Mama I done spend now, why you
wan let me off
Now right there, I had to bring it alone
Now baby tell me what the hell is your plans
to jam rhymes
You need to know what
You are better to the married thing
free me yo, je a sere


[Verse: 3]
Now I know a lot of pretty girls
Actually waiting for me to say I do
They anticipating
Trying to put a ring on my finger
put me in the house
And cook rice all day
Doing home work and stuff on the
TV all day [No]
I'm claustrophobic, I hate the chicks
And I'm out before you know it
Back to the streets, back to the hustle
Back to my hip hop label, I'm back to the struggle
Four walls can't hold me in
When they say I love you Six O,
I give a nasty grin
That's my left brain
someday that'll be in my right mind
Probably settle down when leave the playboy behind
Look at the brains smarter enough behind
But for now, its more rubber and less skin
now even [] could tell I've been in and out
I don't know any but I'm heading south [out]

This song is from the album "Gongo Aso"

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