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9ice - Gongo Aso

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"Gongo Aso"

Gongo aso, kutupu ahu, anywhere
I deh now
Gongo aso, kutupu ahu, any show I go now
Ajisebi Oyo Laari, Oyo o'shebi
Baba eni kankan
I be double now, aiye nlo, e' o ri nkan

[Verse 1:]
Gongo aso, you know am on fire
no be beans talk
Gongo aso, you know eni foju ana
woku ebora abolaso
This time no dulling
Everywhere weh i deh na party
Hennessy nlo, Moet nlo, Baccardi nlo
We no go stop, till the break of da dawn bebe nlo
Forget say you owe money
Call your pady dem make una join body
Chikitos deh there dem wan follow judi
Party jolly, jolly party,
Fidi gbodi, make u shark scordi
Make ur eye dirty
From now till eternity


[Verse 2:]
You be government worker u collect salary
Kamari kin ma gbomi gbin, kin ma jaye ori
Before I play lotto no be me
You know am ghetto solder
Kaaki no be leather
Every friday for sandra's bar
Laroda ojo that kain weather
Life is too short you know
Nobody knows tomorrow
Dance away your sorrow
Do like no tommorrow
Money speaking, speaking
Any idea waiting, waiting
Tin baje demi, aiye gbo oorun mo
Gongo aso


[Verse 3:]
Gongo aso, otiso, ewo ile ewo enu oko
Gongo aso, otiso, see people on the floor
Gongo aso, otiso, my personality no matter at all
Gongo aso, otiso, all i want is catch some fun Gongo aso, tin ba nsile
Gongo aso, if i buy bentley
Gongo aso, kilode
Gongo aso, eje kin jaiye mi
Eje kin saye mi
Jaiye mi, saiye mi


E juru, e juru, e juru, e juru
E juru, e juru, Mama e juru
9ice, u no understand
Bebe nlo

This song is from the album "Gongo Aso"

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