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MI - Anoti

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[Intro x3]
They call, they call me M.I. Most
Incredible, lyrically impeccable
MC from J. Town. C’mon.

Anoti, anoti elele. Ehn? Tie,
tie, tie lele ti. Anoti, anoti
elele. Ehn? Nana titi, nana titi.

Verse 1:

They call me M.I with the brand
new jam. Brand new song. Brand
new feeling. I cant go wrong. It’s
that incredible mister. Vista
till he come and treat your sister.
Saw this sister one day at the bar.
She say M, I don’t know who you are.
Bet you think you’re a mighty big
star. But you’re probably just
above par. I said, sure. Let me
be the koko. Drive you loco. Rocks
you from koko to soko. Tour Morrocco.
Boy rapping the choko. You don’t
feel my fire, you gon feel my smoke
yo. Feel my vocal, On this local
instrumental focal point to drive
you mental. I just want you to feel
me, the real me, I’m still me.
So Lets go, go, go.


Verse 2:

They call me M.I with the brand
new style. Brand new flow, brand
new beat for the dance, dance floor.
It’s that incredible mister.
The cardiac arrest that Flow like
Twista. Saw this mister one day
the show. He said M, yo I know can
flow bro. But you aint got groove.
You aint got what it takes to make
the club move. I got the magic static.
I got the chrome automatic. So
systematic, eradic. Flow so melodic,
mirronic cronic. So supersonic,
bionic. You can get on it. Flow
in Eboneka, English, broken,
lyrically smoking. Nigeria’s
hip-hop token. You've gotta be joking.


Verse 3:

They call me M to the I, mister
incredible, most immaculate,
mic inspector. MC interrogator,
the music innovator, mankind
illustrator. M.I on the M.I.C.
Yeah he got a lot of swag though
he not MP, and he's not empty
Just a bad MC. Anoti for
the year 2G and forever.


J. Town wa feel e. Ha! Lagos
wa feel e. Ha! London wa feel e.
Ha! U.S wa feel e. Ha!} x2. It’s
Chocolate City. Ehn, ohun ni yen.
Séti ri gbo? Awon eleyi. Anoti,
ohun ni won. Aleti, ohun ni idan
won. Unbeatable.

This song is from the album "Talk About It"

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