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MI - Safe Ft Djinee

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"Safe Ft Djinee"

Djinee - Spoken Intro
All these kpomo men now… Them
be kpomo men…
(Scoffs) Woah!

Verse: M.I.
Yo! It’s the way that they do me
[echo] (Are we safe right here?)
The way that they do me
Crowds used to boo me but now ladies
woo me
Truly I’m sorry, sue me
Me, I’m a Loopy, I’m money long
like Moony
I’m Looney like Tuney, your girl
wish she knew me
My arms strong like Loony, and
C. City blew me up
Yup, you can only watch like a
Ruby I’m a- melt the game like
a booby
People asking “Who he?”
They call me M.I.-er, just because
I’m getting higher
I’m spitting fire, this written
There’s no bullshitting I’m
sitting on top, Naija’s rap messiah
I kill them Mama, them Papa, bring
drama, end proper incomer
This rapper show-stopper, he’s
ah ah top-shot
No other rap while I’m rendering,
hear the words he’s uttering
‘Cos other rappers stuttering
I rhyme am well, I’m not them,
I’m hot, chill! I’ve got skill
The most incredible out of Naija,
I’m on fire
I’ve got street credibility
and he definitely flow infinitely
and so intermittently
Ha! Plus, I’m a party rider ‘cos
I flow tighter so put up your
MI be in the house and MC’s they
shall bounce and go home to their
‘Cos to stay might be detrimental
(mental), better flow better
instrumental (mental)
You gotta learn the fundamental
(mental) and my flow is so essential,
essential, essential
Listen! Silence (Shh!!) is the
best answer, not violence
That’s why I bring war on the violins
This is Armageddon dog, hear
the sirens
And no, I am not retiring
No, I’m never tiring, these lyrics
that I’m firing
But don’t be dismayed, ‘cos Zenith
Bank is hiring
For instance, there’s no resistance
The flow persistent and so consistent
Other rappers distant, they
should have listened
Because I’m the engine room and
the gear and the piston
There’s no rest see, at best you’re
I’m what they’re missing, I’m
why they listen
I’m the heart-release dog, I’m
The best thing and you’re just

Chorus: Djinee
Are we safe right here?
You better run fi cover, na we
dey right here
Hey! Where you dey when we dey
chop kuli-kuli
Dey sell kpoli-kpoli, you dey
form holy-holy

Repeat Hook

Verse: MI
Don’t try me oh
C. City wan’ eye me oh
And I’m rated highly oh
Heh! They call me M.I.
Listen y’all, yo! Mo gbono feli
feli, I’m spitting like Machiavelli
I’m always inside your telly,
your lyrics are smelly-smelly
I’m chilling in Pelly Pelly,
I’m chilli inside your belly
Rappers are really silly, you
rappers Milli Vanilli
But nuffin’ do me because I dey
rhyme yo
Nothing’s gonna rule me because
I dey shine yo, shine yo
I know I’m so fine yo, I’ll blind
y’all with each rhyme yo
I move like a rhino, until we sitting
on top, sitting spitting
on top
Rappers spitting, they should
It’s real when I drop, your sh*t
is gonna flop
You kickin’ so sloppy, getting
spanked by your Papi
And you should know my P, they
call me M.I., M.I., see
I’m rocking M.I. - M.I.C. and
my flow is so deadly
Whiskolo whiska, the incredible
The top on the list-a, he’s voted
like Next-a
Loved by your sister, he maybe
even kissed her
The brand new experience like
Ebariba sanbori bobo
The ladies going loco when they
hear his vocal
Rap’s in a choke-hold
Other rappers local, they rap
with a vocorder
I’m the koko
Other rappers so-called, I’m
medicine for the game like I’m
You can’t deny, I give them what
them wanting
And if you’re still sitting down,
you’re on a long thing
And if there’s ever been a rap
this fly
Yo, it hasn’t been done by another

Djinee - Freestyle Pidgin Chant

Hey! Hey! Why you dey run where
you dey run, you think say you
get liver
You come dey form like say you
be that Arnold Schwarzenegger
Hey! You go talk the one you dey
Today, today we go run you down
you no know where you dey
Heh! We dey kill them, M.I. you
dey treat them
Show them say this hip-hop music
dey your system
Teach them, school them, if them
f**k up, cane them
Oh! Them no know say, them no know
You be Pyeri boy, I be B-side boy
We do run things eh! We dey run
things oh!
Hey oh! Hey! Hey! Ihe ne me! Oh,
oh, oh, oh, oh
Pack your load go, pack your load
M.I. don come here hey!


Yo! Djinee in the house ladies
and gentlemen

We go run you down in your area
Think am oh!
Hey yo! We go run you down
Your Mama, your Papa
Na we dey right here oh

Yo! And it’s a wrap y’all…

This song is from the album "Talk About It"

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