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MI - Blaze ft Jesse Jagz Ice Prince

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"Blaze ft Jesse Jagz Ice Prince"

Put your lighters in the air !


You know me now normally I don't(Drags in)
Pass me that , usually I won't (Drags in)
Too much stress so tonight I gotta (Drags in)
Just give me the lighters
Roll it, light it, puff it, pass it MI (Drags in)
Instant Classic

Verse: MI

My music like marijuana
You wanna get high, brother you die
Smoking that wanna
But my flow is nutritious like a banana
So luscious like the Savannah
They puffin my
I got the southern king like in Louisiana
Or bafana , bafana so rock your head like a bandanna
You searching for nirvana you give yo mama
Drama, karma , trauma but I got the grammar that
That'll get you to a new state of mind
It's the reason that my ish was initially designed
No matter the matter, we got alotta hotter beats
by Jagga that abaga be flowing on top
of this ragga with swagga
My ish get you hooked like nicotine
At the same time, My rhymes build like protein
So if you wanna fly, get you high off of I
You can touch the sky.


Verse: Jesse Jagz

Let me introduce me see
My full name be Jesse baga abaga
Feeling my vibe, Jukumba tribe
Hail from Taraba
My dada didn't want me let me do music
But rather music got a hold of me so I guess music was hotter. Now I'm blazing the raps
From the back to the front and I say whats on my mind so I always keep it blunt.
My music, music is me so music me casa to casa
Music answer all the questions that some matter
rule the matter
Music take me high like spaceship from NASA
King of babylon, I'm a lion, I'm Mufasa
Zaga zaga zaa will the jaga work you
Hotter than lava the abaga works for you
So come and party with us, If you feeling
that vibe get rowdy with us
We about to touch the sky so get cloudy with us
And yata yata yaaa get yada with us.


Verse: Ice Prince

It's dope and the boys puffing easy
So intoxicated got them all feeling dizzy
YO check me as a rapper I'm so
Smoke down a house, and raise up from skyscrapers
Now watch this guy catch my deliver
Batman rastafari splender pon giver if I
Drop rhymes I bring it by the liver
Temperature's hot so their bodies won't quiver
Yeah, boys pass their raps around the room
You really need your best man to walk with my crew
I spell doom, check my texts I'm smoke tester
I rock heads with my dope lines, no contester
You know me now, I only smoke the mic tables
And when I bring it out they scratch their heads
Like turn tables.
Maybe they took pass....
Cause there's more to this.....


This song is from the album "Talk About It"

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