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Ice Prince - Money Freestyle

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Ice Prince

"Money Freestyle"

Verse: Ice Prince

Lets go,
I hear a nigga aint shit if he aint got money
And if he don't spend then the days aint sunny
If you don't sign checks then you don't get noni
If lames gone run like that aint funny
Money makes the world go round , well
Means most of us got stories we should tell
Like once upon time that cheese like hell
Couple G's like I could make the puff pass L
Money is the key to everything
Money is the reason why Mary J sings
What everyday brings depends on your checks
The text or your next and sex of your next
Sad I ain't go it, Feeling psychotic
Issues everywhere I really can't sort it
Momma calls me and says blessings at home
Something bout fees and she crying on the phone
She's tryna sell the TV, she's tryna get a loan
I'm wondering what can I do to help my home
Sometimes I blame it on religion
Saying worst shit just to cover my region
Cover my ass and cover my trash
Cause people say money gone recover that fast
I remember so clear we couldn't afford meals
Morning, day n night we sit and just chill
Swallow my saliva, chewing my nails
Momma used to say God never fails
I'm wondering like what can I do
Looking at the clock its a quarter passed two
Nothing in store, and blessing still crying
I'm calling out help and their aint no replying
Mom could be lying bout God cause we dying
No stars in the sky and the moons not trying
So now I'm out to get me my cheese
So I could take the world a big picture like cheese
So I could leave bees and evict my stees
Never take my degrees we could buzz like bees
The rich get richer, the poor gets crude
So I started hustling with Jesse and Jude
Lupey started making my dreams coming true
And I can't stop here, there's something I must do
We make money, money makes we
Life is cheap here but wisdom is free
So me me me me me I must get the clipper
So my girl won't have to kick my ass quicker
Cause if I stay low prolly nothing gone trip her
She can leave me nowhere like a bathroom slipper
Chips go down when shit hits the fan
So I gotta make sure my shit hits the fan
Chips go down when shit hits the fan
So I gotta make sure my shit hits the fan


Money slow to enter, Money quick to go
Money slow to enter, Where money dey go?
I don't know, I don't know

This song is from the album "Money Freestyle Single"

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