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MI - Money

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Money slow to Enter
Money Quick to Go
Money slow to Enter
Where money dey go Ah!
Oh! I dont know, I dont know Oh!

Verse 1:

Yo! I didnt grow poor but I didnt
grow Rich
We wasnt Cruzin through life
but we weren't in the Ditch
I would look at some of my friends
and get that itch
To scratch that cash, to look
that Flash
Grew up with conflicts , No self
Pops bitched back when Dad didnt
make Cream
Momma stay back till the boys
got grown
We reminisce sometimes on the
How sometimes for Christmas
Wasnt no Wish list
Wasnt no Chickens
There Wasnt no Rice
We didnt have money for fees,
it wasnt funny
Couple Gees but still we couldnt
pay that price
Still I had it Easy and life was
I drink stories with some of my
mens from the Hood
Drama every day
Trauma where they lay
Momma used to say


Verse 2:

Life is a, Justra Enthel
You wanna get a lady but you cant
afford to fail
Cos if you dont hit it life will
seem like Hell
And Death is a Curse if you wanna
make Bail
The rich gets richer
The poor gets Screwed
Living is like oil
It gets Crude
Be Rich and Inherit the Merit
and get Chewed
But Trials in main life will not
get you (Oh! Lord)
Money is the Key if you want life
to Chill
Money is the Juice to produce
some skills
But money when abused, the Slaughter
with the Kill
So listen up people this is real
Some money can break you cause she;s
so unfaithful
Dont love her too much because
she will forsake you
Some give her everything and
shower her praise
But what a Bitch money never Stays.


Verse 3:

I remember that my Father used
to say
Pray for better days
And gat to enrich your feet with
And Cheydehley release the stress
on Vertebrae
Cos all I can do is Drain and Get
So Fast Forward a Few years
A Few spring summer times out
of a new year
Now I'm in the U.S fighting a few
Grace for a never first place
And my brother be writing me,
Letters and emails,
Telling me about school and home
and females
Telling me about this lovely
gurl he's met
He's sure he loves her though
he hasnt kissed her yet, Yep
And P.S he thinks it sounds Bro,
I need that new P.S or New Nitendo
Then I would get off from the call
Put a Pen on my Palm
What could I write to make the
money spend


This song is from the album "Talk About It"

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