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MI - Random Guy Buying Blaze

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"Random Guy Buying Blaze"

Random Guy Buying Blaze From Dodgy Guy

Guy 1 and Guy 2

Guy: Hey bruv.
Dealer: What’s up man.

Guy: I need some more of that good
ish bruv.
Dealer: you need the good ish bruv?

Guy: Sure. What you got?
Dealer: I got all sort of stuffs bruv.
I’ve got Green Michael Bolton

Guy: Yeah.
Dealer: Green Michael Bolton. I’ve
got some DMX for u bruv.

Guy: Na mehn, na mehn. I’m looking
for some good ish, real ish. Some real ish
man. Some real ish.
Dealer: You wanna… some of the… oh listen

Guy: I wanna hit that mehn. I wanna
forget my problems bruv.
Dealer: Uh alright, listen bruv.

Guy: I wanna light up. I wanna light it
up and sit back and just Fly away bruv.
Fly away to heaven bruv.
Dealer: I know what you need.

Guy: Give me that good ish bruv.
Dealer: You need some Nigerian stuff
bruv. I've got Authentic Nigerian
stuff bruv. Listen. You hear on hit of
this thing bruv. A hundred
and fifty naira only bruv. One hit
You’s gonna be… you’s gonna be messed
up for ever. For ever sure bruv.
I’ve got me some P. Square, some
D’banj bruv. Some Mode 9 bruv.
Some Naeto C bruv. Some Banky bruv.
Some Kel bruv. You see, one hit,
one ish is wetin you got. Some of
that booty-stinking Durella
bruv will get you up. Listen bruv.
One hit of this, one hit of this
ish bruv. You’s gonna be gone,
gone for ever. Some blaze bruv.
Some blaze.

This song is from the album "Talk About It"

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