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MI - Anybody ft Timaya,Loose Kaynon

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"Anybody ft Timaya,Loose Kaynon"

Chorus: (Timaya)
Anybody wey know me
Know I dey take am jeje and slowly
Na Jehova nisi wey bless me
So therefore nobody wey go curse me
Anybody wey hate me
E No mean other people no love me
Jehova nisi just dey guide me
Nobody nobody nobody nobody fit bring us down

Verse: (MI)
Yo, yo , yo...
Some people love me, Some people jealous me
Some people tryna put poision inside my hennesy
Wanna treat me like lekki road
They wanna finish me , some people beefin me
so long its turned to kilishi
I'm just a MI flow, I'm just tryna to grow
Life is bisexual, Anybody can blow
But since na me dey rock right now
Just let me carry go, cause from the back
I'm rocking the west, call me taribo
Everybody's guy, so anybody wey vex
Me I no even send them because they no be text
I'm just trying to try to get me a VI address
And no man can curse those that Jehova has blessed
Anybody can make it man, anybody can win
These days things are working out like I live
in a gym.
I used to sleep on the carpet but
call me Aladdin
cause since I met Djinee I am balling like Arshavin

Verse: (Timaya)

Those who no know me well
See back in the days wey I dey for hunger
Nobody give my hearts desire
Right now I am covered by Oluwa
He's taking me higher, them calling me timaya
Thats why for I no go hunger
Anybody wey wan plan about me
Talks to those people wey want to curse me
Jehova just dey bless me
Thank God for a new day
Thank God for everyday
Everyday for my life my guy is a plus
Right now na the issue wey the people discuss of
Oluwa don bless us
There is nothing you can do about it
Anybody wey try me go go six feet


Verse: (Loose Kaynon)

Oh so they hate me now, no shit
They can't stomach the kid, tell em to go shit
You so sweet, I'm just tryna be successful
I'm new to different worlds, this world is
looking like a breast food
And anybody can play, not everyone can win
I said its lonely at the the top
I wasn't born between
And every month went so I choose success
I've been tryna dodge stress, and for a while
I have been luckless
Na baba God dey play the role for me now
I'm headed to the top my enemies can't hold me
down. You make me smile from a frown
I'm gonna swim, I won't drown
I be the son of a kind na me suppose to wear
the crown. I'm going higher, dey no fit
quench my fire. Benefits I will acquire
Till the day I retire. The voices come
together like a choir, Loose Kaynon MI(a) Timaya
Yes Sire.

Outro: (Timaya)
When dem try to stop you
Let dem know
When dem try to break you down
Let dem know
When dem try to stop you
Let dem know
Say nothing can break me
Say nothing stop me down
Say no man can block me
Say nothing can stop me
Say no man can break me down

This song is from the album "MI2: The Movie"

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