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MI - Nobody ft 2face

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"Nobody ft 2face"

[Intro: 2face]
So many eyes
I realize
As I rise

Chorus: Tuface

If nobody talk about you
Then you are nobody
Whether na true dem talk or na
My guy
If nobody talk about you
Then you are nobody
Stop existing and start living
And start to feel what we feeling

Verse 1: (MI)
Ask Tuface, it’s like toothpaste
Without your gist in their mouth
they get toothache
Just because say you no tie shoelace
They carry your gist around like
a suitcase
Ask Omotola, ask Genevieve
The kind of false things that people
If city People write city people
Until there’s nothing real here,
all na we
Ask Timaya, ask Wande
Follow you bumper to bumper on
But do you yimu yimu on a Monday?
If your fine boy too much, they
say you turn gay
If you make too much cash, they
say it’s *nineteen*?
Or it’s drugs or it’s fraud or
it’s that kind thing
If you must chop then you must
Everybody knows directions
to your bus-stop


Verse 2: (2face)
The beginning of your dream
they don’t know about you
But then they don’t have a clue
what you wan do
Some of them go hail you, some
go call you mugu
Just because dem geti mouthu
No matter who you be dem must to
talk about you
Dem go sit down for corner just to
dissect you
Dey analyse you
Some of them go criticize you
Some of them go idolize you
No be small thing o
But nfani bad o
I sad na calamity dem they try
to organize o
If you hear all dem talk you go
confuse o o o o o o
See me as I dey here, I hear them
and I don’t care
That’s why I’m just living it
up today hey hey


Verse 3: (MI)
If nobody talk about you
Then it means they don’t know
your name
Cause gossip comes with the dough
and fame
See once you get money in your
The news start broadcasting
your lowest shame
You gotta be a superman for the
louis lane
Try to be 9ice they make you feel
Toni’s Payne
And to them, you’re a solid gain
Ask Banky, ask Jim Iyke
So I went to Knows for some insight
He say ya easier the sea when ya
in flight
So keep your game tight, do your
thing right
Some people have your gist their
gist in their windpipe
They will all choke
God will indict
Plus your flow got an SS
You’re not the same class, not
even the same flight

Bridge: (Tuface)
Just live your life yeah
Just be yourself yeah
Just do your thing yeah yeah yeah
Just do your thing woh woh woh
If nobody talks about you then
you are nobody
They will hail you
They will curse you
They will criticize you, crucify
See, see it’s Tuface, M. Higher
Whatever you do aim higher
Dem they craze na
I hear am, I feel am, I endure
But them still they talk am


This song is from the album "MI2: The Movie"

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