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MI - Beef

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My people have a saying:
“The child that has said the father
will not sleep
Shall also not sleep”
M.I, Chocolate City.

Verse 1
See them, see them
They wanna beef me
Now that they see B.E.T on my CV
Now that I be frequently on their
They wanna go but cannot afford
the TP
My motto is: do more talk less
Never get mad at another man’s
So when people tryna make sure
I chop less
I say no be your fault, you’re
just jobless
Well do you
And keep missing - Yakubu
Now here’s some advice:
If you still wanna
Walk down the road and go hug transformer
Go find a cliff, do a Jimmy Jatt
– jump off.
Marry a granny, have a son, you
are a son of
Go boil stone; it will cure your
Or maybe you should just focus
on your beef

Make una come help me see o
Which kind strong-head pikin
Pomo e no chop, fish e no chop,
goat e no chop
E say e wan beef

Verse 2:
See musician tryna beef me for
real son
Maybe they doing it to promote
their album
They know they using my name will
help them to sell some
So Iceberg it’s alright, you’re
But I’m not in they league, help
me tell them
The Super Eagles don’t play against
The Falcon
See wohwoh pikin dey form Hansome
Kele-chukwu clap for yourself,
I’m a legend in the making – Malcolm
M.I’s more connected than a Telcom
Why you mad at my flow, you be Tampon?
You showing your ass nigga, put
your pants on
But in case you still wanna risk
Please go bleach your head dey
form Sisqo
Climb NEPA pole begin to dance
Coz beefing Mr. Incredible,
me not think so.


Verse 3:
I say see people beefing cuz
M is living economically even
Look at them speaking, facebook,
Like we can do better whatever
he can
Life isn’t even, some years are
Some people living at the top,
some are deep end
Some people so broke, others
wealth reaping
Me I just keep being focused on
Yes, nowadays I am eating
But you should learn how I got
where I be in
How I will fry as I sat in the sun
through the weekend
Believing if I work hard then
I can reach them
Yo! And these days I am seeing
The sky’s wide enough for all
is free-sitting
Used to love beef but it’s happier
to be vegan
So no beef on my mind or mohican



Ehen. Shey una don hear?
Now this song is specially, specially
dedicated to my beefy boys
All cattle herders, suya sellers,
kilishi retailers, beef packagers
and beef package-nots
Get a life !!

This song is from the album "MI2: The Movie"

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