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MI - Wild Wild West

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"Wild Wild West"

Better get your guns
Better get your pants
Cause in J. Town it’s the wild
wild west
Down here everyone curse, no
one bless
Nobody care, nobody know tears
So know this
Until you feel the gun blast
Nobody gon’ sleep and nobody
gon’ rest
Down here everyone curse, no
one bless
Cause in J. Town it’s the wild
wild west

Verse 1:
Yeah, I just wanna cry
I just wanna know why my people
struggling to unify
Wanna blame somebody, middle
finger in the sky
Let them linger
While the anger that I'm feeling vaporized
I just wanna pick up a gun and start
to run
Where the evil ones honored upon
the cranium
Put the gun against their temple
Squeeze the bullets into their
Curses on my dental, so vengeful
But with my pencil I stencil the
Try my best to show the world events
full of shame
J. Town was peace, they try to
cancel the name
But even when the fire burns,
the stain still remains
Events came and stirred a religious hurricane
When I heard I was like “Oh God,
not her again”
But in faith we remain, hoping
for the day break
Do whatever that it may take
I heard somebody say


Verse 2:
Wishful is, my memories of
peaceful bliss
Now the streets full of deceitfulness
Evil is, now around where all
of my people lives
Need a hero quick?
J. Town, I miss how you were
Tell me, how did this occur?
Now memories of peace are a blur
And You were so pretty I swore
Driving through the city thinking
this is not her
She seems so strange
When did she change?
Blood on her streets, smoke in
the sky
Can’t feel her heart beat, No
hope in her eye.
Orphans, coffins, bastards,
caskets, mass burials
How we gonna move past this?
The sun is about to set, I’m getting
ready for a war
I feel it isn’t done yet


This song is from the album "MI2: The Movie"

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