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MI - Epic ft Praiz

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"Epic ft Praiz"

How’s everybody doing tonight?
I want to see your hands up in the
air right now
And want you to put it together
for me, like this
One time, lets go
Oh my goodness that's a beautiful sound
Alright, listen,
I got my brother Praise in the
house tonight to do this song with
It’s called Epic
Are you ready?

Chorus: (Praiz)
Sometimes when I think about
the troubles I’ve seen
Sometimes when I reminisce the
places I’ve been
Sometimes when I look around
the faces around me
I realize, there’s only one option
And that’s when...

Verse 1:
And that’s when I realize I’m
Some people living sweet, my
life is diabetic
I got an effing headache; I need to find
a medic
But there’s no-one to call, and
plus I got no credit
I feel the doubt is creeping in,
I know I shouldn’t let it
Plus I’ve been see what they wrote,
I wish I hadn’t read it
But maybe I could pick n choose
I wish that I could edit
I wish the wishes were the bases
of pouring some merit
But hey this is life and she’s
a cruel wife
And though she do me wrong, I gotta
treat her right
I live with fucking NEPA, I gotta
be the light
A short black boy baby, I gotta
reach the heights
Nothing is given freely
If we can live idealy, then I can
wish away my stress because I know a genie
And everything will work but
that’s just wishful willing
So I’m fighting to the death for
my men to see me
Epic y’all
Epic y’all
I’m epic y’all
I’m feeling epic y’all
I know I’m epic y’all
I’m epic y’all


Verse 2:
And that’s when, I realize
I’m epic
So go tell the oppressor
Tell them M. Higher said it
Send them an email, send a fax,
send it by via fedex
We are our own tomorrow, we cant
be ruled by relics
It’s time for our heroes; it’s
time for movie stars
It’s time for M.I to return back
to his loopey bars
This is our own dilemma, It's time for
sexists to be ours.
The ship sinking faster,
Able bodies to the Ores
If we don’t be the change, it’ll
stay the way it is
They say we’re scared to die,
we’re really scared to live
But this is battle time, so all
you are prepared to game
And we are not alone, destiny
is coming with
Nothing is given freely
If we can live ideally
I would escape my present state,
I would become Houdini
If life will tell me genie, have
all my powers free me
I hear the battle cry for; I guess
it’s time to be me
Epic, epic y’all
Epic y’all
I swear I’m epic y’all
Yeah, epic y’all


Verse 3: (MI)
And that’s when I realize that we
came to play a great part
Even Brave-heart had a late start
Even great artists is made fake art
Until they realize just who they
And we are movie stars but we are not
Of the who, or the what or the why
we’re here
Looking up into the sky tryna
dry a tear
Waiting on a hero and deny a peer
And what my message is, is that
it’s really you
Meant to change the drama baby,
that you’re going through
You’re the change, you’re the
hope, you’re the miracle
You are all the strength you need
in times unbearable
Nothing is giving freely, but
if we can lay by daily
If we can seize the moment and
only be the proponent
It took a moment, but now I get
The world been waiting on me mehn,
I’m fucking epic

This song is from the album "MI2: The Movie"

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