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MI - Represent ft Chocboiz

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"Represent ft Chocboiz"

Chorus: (Brymo)
Since i saw you I’ve been wondering who u are
Ako e poju gan, you are talking to a star
Since i saw you, I’ve been tryna talk to you
Baby, its true, i represent the choc boi crew.

Verse: (Jesse Jagz)
hey ha, does anybody make shit that’s this fly
hey hmm, nah.
Well I, Ice, Brymo, Jagz and the m.i
J-city and choc city repping son
We so good that its sort of embarrassing
Rap game is such a whore
Keep her thighs open more times than the front door, joor
Hey, now lets go the extraterrestrial UFOs
Eh, that means we only seen abroad
We fly so high, we only seen by God
It’s MJ invincible, more flow, more money, I’m principled
We fly, we simple too
We put a hole in your face, we dimple you
Ah, cause we weree, bring sounds to your city Denrele
Imperial empire on the shoulders of M.I
Yeah umm, we get swag
We too fly, jet lag
Uh uh Uh, so no matter how shit gets, still stay flyer than our hometown fish sticks

Verse: (Ice Prince)
Ok, fresh
So, obviously we on to the next
Read my lips and make As in a test
So me like a mall, so I'm really complex
What more can I say, bless
CC conglomerate, see me I honor it
We own the rhymes, these niggas just borrowing
Its going down tonight, I see iceberg
We hold grounds for life, we do cyphers
Came from the back door now we front lines
We the light in the day like the lunch time
They gassed me up,I'm steady tryna punk mine
I see the haters tell them, wetin be your concern?
Me single drop, me do big bomb
Me on tv like me sitcom
Me beat me chest like me ping pong
Me go back and forth like me king kong
Sike, type, like, mic
Jordans recording my bomb shy
Flooding according, my thumbs right
I shoot a rapper when I see them on site

Verse: (MI)
Put your hands up right now
represent choc boiz for me one time
yeah M.I, j Jagz, ice prince, brymo
hee since 2007, we’ve been shutting it down
y’all lets gooo
they call me,
they, they , they
When i met Jesse Jagz, he had just been born
I was like wa wa wa wa son
Henn, lemme give y’all the translation
We gon take ova the whole nation
Make niggas work hard, plantation
Train these dudes Nigga grand station
Step into the kitchen and grab you an apron
Then follow my lead jagz and stay calm
When i met Ice Prince, he was about 18
J-town’s number 1 rap rating
Since then, choc boys graduating
And we never going out, no we not dating
Always come hard, masturbation
These rappers wanna take arms
Feeling locked up like Akon
And I know how they feel
Cause I rock Dior, I’m a christian
I only like girls, I’m a lesbian
I’m loving all the drama, I’m a thespian
Wait, lemme ask y’all a question
In rap, which crew are the best in front
Which dudes keep balling, testicles
Which dudes make green, not vegetables
which boys so cold, they like eskimos
I’m the big picture, man, jagz next to pose
then ice, then brymo I suppose
Oleku so cold men, Ice just froze
getting money, man, by the bus loads
I met brymo this year
I was like dude lemme make this clear
we shine international like Chris aire
and they all gonna watch us soon like wrist wear


Oh by the way
This track, this track was produced by the one and only studio magic
My man headphone, my man platinum Toks
Watch out for them dudes, that’s all I got to say yall
This album is done for real
Go home, go home , go home

This song is from the album "MI2: The Movie"

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