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MI - Coming Home ft Tonii

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"Coming Home ft Tonii"

The return is not as easy as I thought
The years have taken toll and been unkind
A thousand memories which I forgot
Now resurrect and march across my mind
The drummer beats its drum the armies roar
And at my back I hear the choir sing
A song of hope forgone
A mourning for the bitter pain
The coming fire brings
I stand upon the fields my father stood
The sweat runs down my back
As I decide, to stand and fight
To battle for the good

You ready?
Leggo, You already know, Yeah!
Illegal music 2 baby

Chorus: (Tonii)
Do you still think of me I just wanted to know?
You've been all over my mind wherever I go
Right now it feels as if I have nowhere to go
My worlds in slums, So I'm coming home, to you
To you, To you...

Did you miss me
While I was gone, did anyone eclipse me?
Heh, Gist me, not them, they be gone about 60
But MI is one for all history
I've been brewing more of my whiskey
Have a sip see, lets get tipsy
Then lose yourself and get risky
'cause this is for the grown and the sexy
Now my dough nuts cause you bless me
Yes sir my cream is more crispy
Make money blow bills Lewinsky
Plus the Monica for greatness is me
So lets get this shit dope brisky
I return in good faith you can frisk me
I'm tryna take you round the world like a gypsy
Until it's blasting overseas like a jetski

Did you wait long
Did illegal music 2 take long?
Did you lose hope or is your faith strong
See I just needed time to take a break from
All this idiocrity and usherin new sounds
Cause our kelly's been in love with the same song
I'm the new school chef nigga Raekwon
The flow is nuts Acorn
Illegal Music 3 though mason
It sounds like Halloween no Jason
MI Africa's hip hop liaison
I'm connected with the pastor they say's gone
But futuristic still get my space on
I tremble these other rappers like the bass gone
And they face gone down, when they heard
I was coming back around, niggas you should stay
strong, you should stay strong.


OUTRO (Sunday Soul)
Breakfast time i stare
Across the table at an empty chair
Life's so lonely living without you
The whole day i just think about you
But when i walk through my bedroom door
That's when my tears begin to fall
Because two lovely pillows
On a king sized bed
Make one lonely night
When only one lays their head
Loneliness is staring me in my face

This song is from the album "The Illegal Music Two"

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