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MI - 6 foot 7 foot ft Phenom

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"6 foot 7 foot ft Phenom"

Verse: (MI)
Part of my Bravado
I only want the title
I’m killing everything I’m on
I guess I’m suicidal
The rest ain’t say you’re nothing men,
They ain’t Communicato
While I rock from Lag to Murci, call it a Murcielago
Got different goals so we ball different
I’m tryna find some competition, like it’s gone missing
See haters raising disciples just to come and get him
Luke, Mark my words, I’m at the John.. pissin
Criminal story-teller, call me John Grisham
Illegal Music, Nigga gotta speak with conviction
Now tell me that ain’t the line of the year
Haters see me and get wood because they die in
I swear the game is ’bout to vanish men, if I ain’t appear
It’s like ma money grow on trees and I ain’t tryna share
Most of these niggas and success have a dying affair
And when I’m talking ’bout PJs men, I’m flying A lair
Well, I mean not me personally ‘cos I can’t, I got a pilot n shit
Flier than Emirates
M is rated than meritance
Lyrical miracles as I spit pivotal parables
Microphone and B.P imperetance
Turn a beat into particles
I ain’t the greatest yet but then I’m very close
Close like a best friend
Yes M is sexing
Any beats, send ‘em, imma ride ‘em like an equestrian
They didn’t use to send M but now, it’s like they texting and pressing
The rest got him bored, like a guest and I
Tickle the Clint, I put my Eastwood in her Westend
Her North side headed for my Southpole
Mouth all over till her mouth sore
I’m just chilling making millions, getting different numbers thrown at me, like a dice roll
When I’m in the club
I handle bars like a bicycle
Niggas tryna simulate my flyness, They in flight school
These niggers of mine, so wanna fail, I’m a maestro
Illegal Music 2, I did it twice, I did nice bro
See the difference clear, 7Up
Niggas puffin’, think they’re big and I hit ‘em up
And then I hang ‘em up, prank call
You have plasts that make cheques rate cancelled
See my pants full, ‘cos I ball big
Always hitting the spot like an oil rig
Y’all niggers need more, ammunition before
You can think of blowing up, so what we gotta C 4
You got weak bars, only weighing a lil
I’m at the centre o’ things, like to stay in the middle
I take these rappers apart like I’m playing Geppeto
I’m guilty of being dope and there is no acquittal
And on the real dough, M can really still flow
Like I took Adenuga’s company, ‘cos I still glow
Watch the way you bang into rings and call me Bilbo
Still nobody fucking with me, get a dildo
Phenom, let’s go

I know you’re broke but please Pay attention
I'm so old in this game, I should be paper paid in pension
I go harder than erection
I bring rappers depression
I’m spitting on bars like pregnant chicks during detention
And Imma make it rain, fuck the global recession
I’m not saying I’m the best, but who else brings perfection
I’m the right answer to hip pop and no question
And, you are just a pain in the butt, like injection
Edo boy with the Las Gidi attitude
I stack doves in line and I ain’t even talking Barbecues
Babalawo flow, Things are ’bout to go spiritual
Hip-Hop was dead but here’s an atmosphere for miracle
Rappers looking edible, I’m a lyrical cannibal
It’s dinner time and I’m dining with the Incredible, Mister
We topping the lista
O Boy, if you dey hate, jump out the window, I ain’t talking Vista
Flows is immaculate you know that I’m a don,
And I’m just warming up… Yes Sir
Running Gidi O
Spitting Ili flow with ma Ili bro
Make da green like the CEO
In the dark, you gon’ see me glow
Rappers get Lost like TV Show
For realli O, I’m illi bro
I’ll never Back Down ‘cos I am not a fan of Gidigbo
I own the throne baby, you just a Prom King
Like Michael Jackson, you’re fucking with the wrong kid
So better lean back, and watch your nigger stay fat
Phenomous phobia, I leave rappers with the stage fright
Skinny jeans on but ma pockets stay fat
By June next year, I’ll be tryna get my Maybach
T-square rappers, They got me so board
I got a chick’s CV from a blow job
We signing out

6 foot, 7 foot, 8 foot Bunch
6-6 foot, 7 foot, 8 foot Bunch

This song is from the album "The Illegal Music Two"

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