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MI - Lost ft Loose Kaynon

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"Lost ft Loose Kaynon"

Just because I'm losing
Doesn't mean I'm lost
Doesn't mean I'll stop
Doesn't mean I'll cross

Is this shit on? (MI)
Yes yes y'all
Well first of all to all the fans
On twitter, facebook, chocolate city group dot com
Or whoever you might be
I wanna give you all a heartfelt God bless you kind Shout Out
Now for the rest of y'all
Y'all wanna see if the nigga still got it?
Well guess what? We aint going nowhere baby!

You threw me down
And shoved me out
You left me there to die
I should've known better
Oh oh oh oh oh....

Verse 1: (MI)
Illegal music two
I’m back to school these little niggas like a Uni do
All my dogs are getting animated, Scooby Doo
And Loose told me do whatever
That is truly you
So here I am, once again on the path to
greatness but gotta pass through haters who gone blast you
But as for classic rap albums see my last two
Them fixate upon my mixtape because the shits great
Whether disc, tape, or online my gist make
These dicks make quick moves to zipper down and piss take
Some I called friends are falling hand like they wrist break
Bitter rage on their twitter page because I’m better paid
So when M.I.2 was released
All the bloggers said I ceased to be the rapper that released
Talk About It they at least should have waited a couple weeks
My marketer just said I did a milli in the east
We the rappers that these ladies never tell no
My album selling out while they album leaving the shelf slow
Connect on any joint I get my hands on, Elbow
And I’m just sticking to the script nigga Velcro
C City keep taking us higher
Pothole flow nigga ‘‘I de bust tire’’
Critics writing shit about the kid, I turn illiterate
Hating on a nigga they might stay confederate
Haters can all fall dead here, dandruff
Me I make the fans put hands together like a handcuff
Stick up flow, gimme your money and put your hands up
Its like I don’t have lips nigga I cant suck
I swear this music business is a funny biz
Picture this, one shot, negatives positives
Its why they all wishing you lose, let me summary this
Am I photogenic? Well my money is

You threw me down
And shoved me out
You left me there to die
I should've known better

Verse 2: (Loose Kaynon)
I’m one verse away from greatness,
Let’s face this
The game had its head bowed down, I’m the face lift
Dreams are funny cuz you gotta chase it,
Then pace it, then face it, embrace it
The hustles never wasted
They say I’m the next up
The top is my next stop
I won’t and I can’t stop
Abeg if u dey vex stop
Killing every guest spot
If I aint in your top five
I’m sitting on top of that table Desktop
In every situation I’m ruling, we kept it moving and proving and proving that through all the bull shit we ain’t losing
Assuming the illusions of blowing up they diffusing
But the force of my intrusion would be worth every Newton
Even in losing I win
Cos I learn a lesson
Never stressing
Counting my blessings
Always showing progression
My nigga M.I
Told me we gonna aim high
They can’t take what’s yours but it’s fun to watch them try
Yes I,
I’ve taken so long since but I ain’t crying
I turn to be a beast in the jungle, no lying
Loose Kaynon be outclassing these rappers, and I ain’t trying
These holes in your zonals but doughnuts I ain’t buying
I’m on the cause but they salute
I got a lot of it
But I just brush em off
And keep winning just for the fuck of it.
Yeah, my hustles crazy
My grind got some screws lose
I hate to disappoint them but they just wanna see Loose lose
Climbing to the top, y’all making the return trip
My fear of heights got me working harder so I don’t slip
I pray for this all my life and now it’s getting closer
I write my name in History before all this is over.

This song is from the album "The Illegal Music Two"

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