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MI - N'Otis ft Pryse

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"N'Otis ft Pryse"

Verse: (MI)
A couple hundred dollars for the right kicks
Three hundred K a month for my side-kicks
Eleven milli when I roll , range rover
Signing pryse for the right price priceless
Punchlines like a typist
This rap shit finally working out triceps
Little homies stay home, you shouldn't try this
We killing this city
We the J-Town Crisis.

Verse: (Pryse)
We came in the game the top the top cheese
No mices, Crisis, We too damn good
So call me righteous, Take you all the way
To the hood like Motorcyclist
These hoes need someone to show them
where the mic is, and I'm the nicest
So let me do it, so me being cocky is not a brag
It's heroic, dime and she know it
Rhymes like a poet, The bar set so high
But I ain't even notice

Verse: (MI)
Yo photo-shoot fresh, where the paparazzi?
Music so dope you could puff puff pass me
See niggas hating on jude like a nazi
I'm the future in the present niggas can't
get past me
I created my style
I make my shit stand out, Pile
Tell dem haters lie down, Tile
Competition chill we gone be a little while
Like, like

Verse: (Pryse)
I give a hater an inch
He probably gone take a mile
So tell em he can go and jump into the river nile
A little smile cause I know you must be joking
Or maybe I am just wondering what the hell
You are smoking, but okey dokey
E no dey pain me, no daddy showkey
These other girls aint rapping
I call it karaoke, first of my kind
I need a new category cause I'm the queen
Here's the king, here's the ceremony

Verse: (MI)
This is the punchline queen
In this lunchtime scene
Future so bright on some sunshine tinz
Only one way that you can beat me, Be me
Bout to push pryse off the edge , 3G
So what's up pryse, see the surprise
Cause you what Gods waiting for
Chick in the south side
Until you know chicks, cock fight
Welcome to the farm nice of you to drop by

Verse: (Pryse)
Truth, the punchlines clever
And trust that I'll deliver
Call me DHL , It's that PH girl
You can't see me fail
So ahead of the rest they can't see
no tail lights, please
They should've put up a fight
And you could call it ironic
But M showed me the heights.
Kommot your leg while we sweeping up the eggo
Beyonce I can see my own halo.

Verse: (Pryse)
I'm still hungry man I need some chocolate
Pryse is in the house to keep it clean and
immaculate, Somethings about to blow
Wack rappers please evacuate
I mean the death toll's already hard
for me to calculate, I'm with the best
do the math its not calculus
Hip Hop hop was dead brought it back so miraculous
Team so strong, Barcelona couldn't tackle us
Chains can't shackle us, We killin em, Spartacus
Or maybe fabulous, yeah I let you pick a punchline
All these other rappers are dessert
When it's my lunchtime, I make take it back
Like its the wrong kind, I got the biggest cosign
So whats you concern? Call the drumlime
Coming out with a canon, I'm the bomb
No timer, but I'm counting the seconds
Making every second count like a cashier
And if you haven't heard the name by now
You're so last year. Pryse

Ehnn oh it's been a long time coming oh
And I've been on the grind for so long
It seems like they don't know this
Can you help me make them know this

Verse: (Pryse)
She a beauty
But surprise on the track she a beast and
You can tell pryse is on the rise, no yeast
What you call it competition, its feeling
like a feast. I should've skipped lunch
Made a lunch of wannabes , What are these Ew
Can't even stomach you
My feet gone stretch but see I'm filling
every shoe. And I'm gonna be a star
See that baby overdue, and Dr. MI
Is the surgeon in the room
So call it a C-Section
And for the pain from the hate
Can I have the Novacane injection
I'm tryna reach the world thats my main intention
Cause the bars more contagious than the sars infection.
So bare in mind when you go through my port folio
I keep it real , see dem nose Pinocchio
And tell dem say, tell dem say this chick Phenomenal
And all my haters fall down dominoes

This song is from the album "The Illegal Music Two"

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