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MI - Star ft Efa , 5Mics

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"Star ft Efa , 5Mics"

(Drake Sampled)
Smoking weed under star projectors
I guess we'll never know what Harvard gets us
But seeing my family have it all
Took the place of that desire for diplomas on the wall
And really, I think I like who I'm becoming
There's times where I might do it just to do it like it's nothing
it's it's it's it's nothing

Chorus: (Efa)
Tell me whats been on your mind
What you been doing lately
I'm about to be a star
I know these niggas gone hate me
I'm about to be a star
You should take a picture, You should take a picture, you should take a picture
I'm about to be a star
You should take a picture, You should take a picture

Verse: (MI)
It's funny when I see
The same guys who used to laugh
Pointing fingers sayin I'll never blow Murtala
Blowing up my phone asking me to do collabs
Back-seat rappers like your career took a cab
Don't be mad at your girl or my reputation
Cause I don't let her legs get along separation
Then she wanna give me brain, sex education
She love the way I make her cum, yes invitation
I'm living a dream, sometimes I gotta pinch myself
So much paper my pockets be looking like a shelf
No competition I battle mirrors and kill myself
No suicide for me I assassinate myself
Cause I'm an effing star, and its so apparent
Cause I'm the sun of a gun, wanna meet the parents?
You need a telescope, or TV to see me
Believe me, but since I'm right here.


Verse: (5Mics)
Yeah, yo, yo
Hey y'all I'm a star
The galaxy my footstool
I'm new school, My Louis life outshines your fubus
I'm a screw loose from derailing your new crew
My clique on the click play you out no Sudoku
I like the man that I'm becoming
My phones on bee hive mode shit always buzzing
Fathers a star to the moon I'm a cousin
And I'm standing out cold nipples dime in a dozen
Ladies love diamonds, and stars is alike
So it's evident why super models
Hook up with my type
Cause when I bring the fire
They gather round me on campus
So fakers keep you wack shit to yourself
You need pampers.
Find Israel and I aint talking Jerusalem.
Yes Imma shine till the balaa pray muslim
So faker if you need money let it be brief
Cause the smartest thing out your mouth
is your wisdom teeth
And I'm a star.


Verse: (MI)
Ha ha ha Yo, Let's go
Swagger and composure
Hunger such a poser
I'm always picture perfect
Through the negative exposure
Rappers tryna beef with me they end up
turning couture
I no that I could break a niggas heart
So this is closure yeah
I should take a picture
I need photo shoot
So that they can study my french
And maybe photo suite
They said I joined illuminati cause I'm holding Louis
Are these niggas artists? Cause I don't know the group.
Y'all niggas got jokes, y'all Jerry Seinfeld
I made it off my work and my sublime skill
I've been here a minute, headed for my prime still
Follow my steps and blow up, career minefield
I'm holding the top spot, I aint vacating shit
Niggas getting heated bout my dough
Why you aint baking shit?
I pay your penny for thought
I'll make my haters rich
I guess its favor, and I'm their favorite.
Haha Get it?


This song is from the album "The Illegal Music Two"

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