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MI - Eyes ft Makiller

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"Eyes ft Makiller"

Chorus: (Makiller)
Can't take my eyes off you
Can't take my eyes off you
Can't take my eyes off you
Can't take my eyes off you.. (Repeat)

Yo yo
My eyes have never seen
Such an exquisite being
Eyes closed, it's still you that I'm envisioning
You're really on another level like the mezzanine
And all my bells are going off, but who's listening?
I'm just watching you turnin slow like a carousel
That shit be twisting up my head yeah Jerry curl
What's going on behind your eyes, I can never tell
But inside me pressure is buildin up like an Aerosol ,Can, I give you the fairy tale
My eyes they lock into yours I'll never set a bail
I know others have tried, but losers will forever fail
They talking relationships that will never sail
Yeah, yeah my eyes are still looking
Temperature's at a boiling point and still cooking
Right here can be the birth of something real Brooklyn
That's why I'm tryna sell you love, I'm still hookin
Bring the hook in


Girl you move me, like my rent is up
I got this feelings in my chest
baby they pent-ted up
Like the top floor, but you got no floor
I swear even your contours a couture
You a show off, but see your show is my shit
Cleavage a little open hoping I notice it
Me I just play it off, My hater block is on
But see I'm watching you closely like I'm your
chaperon, When you stand to leave
My eyes they tag along, I'm thinking how to work
your rhythm like the Macedon
Your a tease, please don't give me that
I don't know what your talkin about, MI this is
just how I stroll.
See your hips swayin, they got my lips prayin
And what my lips sayin?
Something like this babe... She perfection
I'm a perfectionist, so direct me correct
to where your direction is.
And we can both go there, and be both from
Where you from, so in time we can both come
Home, I like the sound of that
Your scent intoxicating
I'd like another round of that.
I shouldn't drink though, I gotta drive this
point home. I'm thinking us alone
I'll put an effin record on
Go all night, then call it a day
But through all that I can't take my eyes away...



Girl you've caught me, like an infection
You're out of this world from another dimension
And may I mention, Your complexion is a tease
And you Got my attention.
Alotta ladies lie, but you truth ma
No strings attached, Bluetooth ha
A brittle cold kegs, I need looth ma
You put a hole in my soul, no bulletproof ah
I was thinking we could do a little drinking
We could head to my room tonight
But we aint sleeping, I'm a freak and every week
I just wanna get my dick in
Omo dey ebono be noto way nekeche
I'm speaking Yoruba, my goodness you're a star
Let's head back to my car, Imma open up yo legs
Imma leave em ajar. You're beautiful by far
Not a beauty from afar. So put your calendar away
Cause we don't got a day, And time is
Of the essence baby I don't wanna wait
I know I talk alot of shit but I'm setting this straight. And I'm hopin that you'll blow too
Cause that shit will be great, Ha
I'm still staring, there aint no comparing
With you when you walk in your talks all I'm hearing. I need directions to your heart
Show me the bearing. Cause you is on point
From the bags to your earring
Yup yup you feeling me, that's what it is
If it kills you it kills me and that;s how I live
Cause you my hot, you my cold , you a big chill
You the bomb, you're a blast, you the real deal
It's Makiller, You probably know my name
but don't be quick to judge me
because I entertain.
I'm done with the playin,
I'm shuttin down the game
Illegal music two baby, this is what I'm sayin.
And what I'm saying is....


This song is from the album "The Illegal Music Two"

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