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MI - Flower ft Ruby

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"Flower ft Ruby"

Open up my flower
Open up let me see

Verse: (MI)
We on a journey of a thousand miles
And it began with only one step
Now I'm two steppin in the club with my team
And we aint even have a fund yet,
They say it isn't smart to fly private
I guess we gone have to buy a dumb jet
And Ice Prince
Your mom is somewhere watchin the sunrise
Because she know that her sunset.
And that's word to J Cole
Choc city fresh , like them niggas a day old
Always got the vision and promise to play role
My niggas getting whips like a couple of slaves stole
Swag is in the oven but lyrically stay cold
Fungi flow, my niggas they say mold
And plus I'm never scared, It's like I never switch blackberry phones cuz nigga I stay bold.


Verse: (Ruby)
Spit fire the incredible flame thrower
The games pinnacle, the rest operate lower
Just because I rhyme fine, I been flooding
time lines, If you watch my career ark
I'm so Noah. I give y'all my heart like
an organ donor Hot headed on the track
But a calm persona. VI state of mind whenever
I land. Because to be the best is to be a Loner
They say the game is free for all , oh loner
But I've been running the game
Choc city printing the bills
While the competition running out of town..er
I go hard real hard , boner
Brand is getting bigger, hand is on the trigger
Life is a gamble put a grand up on my niggas
Thirty something awards so sar, go figure
Comatose state of mind nobody sicker, Nigga


Verse: (Ruby)
I say I'm hungry but nigga it's more like starvation
This hard nation has got me raising my art
Taking apart rappers who make it about hating
I'm taking em out, yeah nigga you hear their heart
racing. Snip em in the bud, sort of carnations
Plus they career headed down sorta like cart racin
Try relocate my locations but this is god placing
You say things behind me, but can we all face him
To me things are black and Caucasian
There's limitations to where I wouldn't be callin hating.
Cause hating niggas always in the spot like dalmatians.
I only role with the realest dogs, Alsatians
Plus we on all stations , and concating
All makes us to become patients
Immediately infected by delivery
from the choc city itinerary
Nothing like an enemy, y'all niggas are killin me


Game over tell them other rappers change over
Or you can be another sling soldier
And jagz already told y'all to take cover
Take over, I'm taking over.

This song is from the album "The Illegal Music Two"

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