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D'banj - Mr Endowed

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"Mr Endowed"

Intro (Don Jazzy)
Hey Sexy lady
I heard you have been searching for the special one
So imma give you a reason to pick me
I got so many things that you go like about me
But Imma give you a few

I’m the kind of brother that your boyfriend wanna be
Cos I am so endowed
See the ladies looking at me, na me they want to see
Cos I am so endowed (I am so endowed)
I am D’Banj
Mr Endowed toh bad (hmm oshe)?…..don don jazzy
I am fully endowed (yepa)
My upper body endowed (oshe)
My lower body endowed (hmmm)
And my face endowed (mogbe)
See my house endowed (oshe)
And my car endowed (oshe)
See my pocket endowed (haaaa)
Absolutely endowed
I am so endowed (endowed) oh endowed ?
Mr endowed (endowed haaayyyyyy)
I am so endowed o (endowed)
Are you my Mrs. endowed (endowed)
Mr and Mrs endowed

I am known in my area and I am known overseas
And even for Asia, dem dey gbadun my steez
Tell me what’s your criteria, girl I am ready to please
I am equal to the task so set your mind at ease
Never in your life, have you seen a guy that would blow your mind, and he’s so fly like moi
Make u tell me baby how far (how far)
Girl you can’t deny, I know what’s on your mind
I know u wanna cry, so make u come take a ride with moi
Make u tell me baby how far
Koko master waiting for you now


So I say go go go
Baby let your body go
There’s no need for long thing
I got this
Let me take control
Say I got this picture in my head
Don’t really wanna get u to my bed
I aint like them other guys
them other guys are retarded
No need for ini, mini, mani mo
Girl I am the one that you waiting for
I got that class and i got that dough
Anything else that you’ll like to know
Make my night, lets go wild
No one night stand, you are forever mine
African prince, I am one of a kind
And I am never gonna waste your time


This song is from the album "Mr Endowed Single"

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